Recent Cancer Institute NSW grant outcomes


Research Infrastructure Grants (RIG)

Prof Robert Baxter
University of Sydney, Northern Translational Cancer Research Unit
MALDI MS Imaging for Cancer Biomarker Discovery in the Northern Translational Cancer Research Unit

Prof Graham Mann
University of Sydney, Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre
Continuing Infrastructure Support for a flow cytometry specialist to manage and operate the expanded Westmead Research Hub Flow Cytometry Centre

Prof Des Richardson
University of Sydney, Sydney Catalyst
Advanced Technical Support for the Open Access, Multi-Disciplinary Sydney Cancer Research Core Facility.
Sydney Catalyst$236,153

Prof Christine Clarke[
University of Sydney, Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre
Data collection and management for the Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank

A/Prof Anna de Fazio
University of Sydney, Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre
Enhancement of the Gynaecological Oncology Biobank at Westmead and creation of a Sydney West Translational Cancer Research Centre (SW-TCRC) Bio-specimens Hub

A/Prof Anthony Gill
University of Sydney, Northern Translational Cancer Research Unit
The creation of a readily accessible and clinically annotated tissue bank of paraffin c blocks containing tumour to mirror and expand frozen tissue collected by the Kolling Tumour Banks

Prof Roger Reddel
Children's Medical Research Institute, Kids cancer Alliance
CellBank Australia: Rapid, easy access to novel and essential cancer cell lines and cell line authentication services to enable internationally competitive cancer research.

Early Career Fellowships

Dr Zaklina Kovacevic
University of Sydney
Targeting the metastasis suppressor NDRG1 for the treatment of pancreatic cancer

Dr Katie Dixon
University of Sydney
Novel vitamin D-like compounds to reduce DNA and other molecular damage after UV radiation

Dr Emily Colvin
University of Sydney
Characterising the tumour microenvironment of epithelial ovarian cancer

Career Development Fellowships

Dr Hilda Pickett
Children's Medical Research Institute
Molecular mechanisms of telomere length control

Dr William Ritchie
University of Sydney
Small non-coding RNAs control alternative splicing in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

A/Prof Sallie-Anne Pearson
University of Sydney
Post-market surveillance of cancer medicines: Generating evidence for clinical and policy practice using linked health administrative data

Dr Linda Bendall
University of Sydney
Microenvironmental Impact in the Treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Cooperative Clinical Trial Grants

Dr Alison Brand
University of Sydney
Development and operational support for ANZGOG through the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre: A NSW lead initiative.

Prof Phyllis Butow
University of Sydney
PoCoG infrastructure to support operational activity and facility management to further psychosocial and supportive care clinical trials

Dr Peter Grimison
University of Sydney
Cancer Institute NSW Cooperative Clinical Trial Grant for ANZUP (2013- 2015)

A/Prof Nick Pavlakis
University of Sydney
Development and operational support for the Australasian Lung cancer Trials Group (ALTG) through the NHMRC Clinical Trial Centre: A NSW-led initiative.

Dr Elizabeth Hovey
University of Sydney
COGNO infrastructure funding for support, development and conduct of clinical trials and translational research.

Prof David Goldstein
University of Sydney
Improving patient outcomes for patients with Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer through clinical trials research: An application on behalf of the Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group (AGITG).

Innovation Grants

Defining a role for GPs and patients in multidisciplinary team decisions on cancer care
University of Sydney and Sydney LHD


Translational Cancer Research Centres (TCRCs)

Prof John Simes
University of Sydney
Sydney Catalyst: The Translational Cancer Research Centre of Central Sydney and Regional NSW

A/Prof Paul Harnett
University of Sydney
Sydney-West Translational Cancer Research Centre

Translational Cancer Research Units (TCRUs)

Prof Stephen Clarke
University of Sydney
Northern Translational Cancer Research Unit

Research Infrastructure Grants

Prof Christine Clarke
University of Sydney
High Speed Cell Sorter for Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Prof Des Richardson
University of Sydney
Seahorse Extracellular Flux (XF) Analyzer for the Multi-Disciplinary Sydney Cancer Research Core Facility

Prof Gary Halliday
University of Sydney
A small animal bioimaging facility for monitoring cancer cells and molecules in vivo

Career Development Fellowships

Prof Wolfgang Weninger
University of Sydney
Real time visualisation of tumor associated-antigen specific T cell behaviour in vivo

Future Research Leader Fellowships

Dr Anthony Cesare
Children's Medical Research Institute
Targeting TRF2 function to prevent cancer cell growth.

Translational Program Grants

Prof Derek Hart
University of Sydney
Enabling Diagnostic and Therapeutic Antibodies for Haematological and other Malignancies

Prof Nico van Zandwijk
Asbestos Diseases Research Institute
Translating Malignant Mesothelioma research into better outcomes for patients and their families

Cancer Clinical Trials Staff Grants

Prof Michael Boyer
Sydney Local Health District Cancer Trials Network
Allocated Full-time Equivalent (FTE): 6

A/Prof Paul Harnett
The Clinical Trials Network of the Sydney-West Translational Cancer Research Centre: a joint initiation of the Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health Districts
Allocated Full-time Equivalent (FTE): 5

Dr Nick Pavakis
Northern Sydney Local Health District
Allocated Full-time Equivalent (FTE): 2

Prof John Thompson
Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) Clinical Trials Program
Allocated Full-time Equivalent (FTE): 1


Epidemiology Linkage Grants

Young J
University of Sydney
Development and evaluation of composite clinical indicators of hospital performance for comparative assessment of the quality of surgical care for colorectal cancer

Research Innovation Grants

Catchpoole D
University of Sydney
Implementing personalized medicine using global genomic similarity

Butow P
University of Sydney
Assessing unmet needs in women with gynaecological cancers; The first step

Richardson D
University of Sydney
The Effect of Anthracyclines on the Iron Metabolism of Leukaemia Cells

Zhang D
University of Sydney
Examination of the tumour suppressor function of endoplasmic reticulum protein 29 (ERp29) in lung cancer and its therapeutic application

van Zandwijk N
Asbestos Diseases Research Institute
Identifying new plasma markers in mesothelioma

Shaw J
University of Sydney
Development of communication skills training for nurses delivering telephone-based supportive care interventions for people with cancer or their families

Early Career Development Fellowships

Cust A
University of Sydney
Epidemiological studies of melanoma etiology and prevention

Jansson P
University of Sydney
A Novel Targeting Strategy for the Design of New Chemotherapeutics that Overcome Drug Resistance in Lung Cancer: "High-Jacking" the Drug Efflux Pump, P-gp

Lane D
University of Sydney
Novel chemotherapeutic approaches for leukaemia: investigating the anti-cancer activity of ascorbate in relation to leukaemic iron metabolism

Career Development Fellowships

Rizos H
University of Sydney
Manipulating oncogenic-signalling pathways in the genesis and treatment of melanoma

Hart D
University of Sydney
The Translation of Dendritic Cell Biology into New Cancer Therapies

Marsh D
University of Sydney
Understanding endocrine tumorigenesis - opportunities for new diagnostics and therapies

Long G
University of Sydney
Determining mechanisms of resistance and heterogeneity of response to novel targeted drugs in metastatic melanoma to improve survival and prevent metastatic disease

Charles K
University of Sydney
Inflammatory biomarkers of chemotherapy response in colorectal cancer

Clinical Training Fellowships

King T
University of Sydney
A clinical practice initiative to improve the management of adverse effects of steroid therapy associated with the treatment of multiple myeloma

Clinical Education Scholarship

Philp S
University of Sydney
Application to apply for funding to undertake a Master of Nursing (Nurse Practitioner) at The University of Sydney

Clinical Research Fellowships

Scolyer RA
Sydney South West Area Health Service
Identification and validation of biomarkers of prognosis and treatment response in melanoma to effect change in clinical care and patient outcome

Research Scholar Awards

Gao B
University of Sydney
Genetic Basis of Chemotherapy Response in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Guy T
Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology
Strategies to enhance CD4 T cell-mediated anti-tumour immunity

Hancock D
Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology
Targeting dendritic cells for cancer immunotherapy

Kao S
University of Sydney
The Role of Excision Repair Cross Complementation Group 1 and Thymidylate Synthase Expression in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

Tom N
University of Sydney
Oxytocin Signalling and Inhibition of Hormone Refractory Prostate Cancer

Wallington-Beddoe C
University of Sydney
New Therapeutic Strategies for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia: Combining PP2A activation with mTOR inhibition

Zhong J
The Children`s Hospital at Westmead
The Role of NEDD9 in Glioblastoma Infiltration.

Zhou J
University of Sydney
Discovery of novel protein biomarkers in colorectal cancer (CRC) with potential application for prognosis or therapeutic targeting

Zyner K
Children’s Medical Research Institute
Characterisation and targeting of four-stranded structures at cancer cell telomeres

Research Equipment Grants

Christopherson R
University of Sydney
A mass spectrometer for multiple reaction monitoring to validate cancer biomarkers

Clarke C
University of Sydney
Facilities for cryogenic storage and transport of tissue bank materials

Kuncic Z
University of Sydney
The NSW Advanced Computing Facility for Cancer Research

Marsh D
University of Sydney
In-Vivo Multispectral Imaging FX System: small animal imaging for multi-modal molecular signal localisation in live animals

Richardson D
University of Sydney (USYD)
GenomeLab GeXP Genetic Analysis System for the Multi-Disciplinary Sydney Cancer Gene Expression Facility

Sitas F
Cancer Council NSW
Freezers and laboratory information system for Cancer Council NSW Biobank

van Zandwijk N
Bernie Banton Asbestos Research Centre, Concord
Malignant Mesothelioma Biobank

Vial P
Sydney South West Area Health Service (SSWAHS)
Making radiotherapy safer and more accurate: Developing detector technology for the next generation in treatment verification systems

Weninger W
University of Sydney
High speed 3D live cell imaging of cancer genesis, growth, metastasis and death

O'Neill G
Childrens Hospital at Westmead
Westmead Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM) Suite

NSW Registrar Advanced Trainee Grants

Lee SC
Sydney South West Area Health Service (SSWAHS)
Investigation of biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of common cancers in the community such as breast, colorectal, prostate and head and neck cancers

Clinical Conference Grants

Stalgis-Bilinski K
Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS)
Attendance at the Cancer and Obesity Conference, Valencia, Spain, 12-13 September 2010


Career Development Fellowship Grants

Cheung T
LIGHT-Mediated Anti-tumour Immunotherapy

Henson J
Telomeric C- Circles and Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres

McDonald K
Combining microRNA with cilengitide: A novel therapeutic approach to impede brain tumour cell migration

Xia P
Targeting inflammation for prevention and treatment of cancer

Clinical Research Fellowship Grants

Soon P
Correlation of serum miRNAs in breast cancer patients with clinical parameters

Vardy J
Cognitive Function and Fatigue in Cancer Survivors

Research Innovation Grants

Charles K
A proteomic approach to identify predictive biomarkers of molecular targeted drugs

Gurney H
Tamoxifen Dose Escalation in Patients with CYP2D6 Polymorphisms

Henderson B
The effect of colon cancer mutations on APC dynamics and function at the centrosome

Kilbreath S
Physiological prognostic indicators for lymphoedema in women treated for breast cancer

King M
PROMIS: a new paradigm for quality of life assessment - a NSW-based proof-of-concept study

Robinson B
miRNA expression signatures and their functional significance in Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma

Robinson P
Proof-of principle kinomics approach to cancer research

Young J
Improving psychosocial outcomes for cancer carers: pilot study of a novel telephone intervention

Translational Health Service Research Grants

Young J; Solomon M
Improving colorectal cancer care coordination: centralised, tumour-specific or local, generic models of service delivery?

Cooperative Clinical Trials Infrastructure Grants

Simes J
Development and operational support for AGITG and ANZGOG through the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre: A NSW-led initiative.

Stockler M
Development and operational support for ALTG, ANZUP and COGNO through the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre: A NSW-led initiative.

Gebski V
Biostatistics, quality assurance and data systems for Cancer Trial Groups activities based at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

McCowage G
New mechanisms to facilitate collaborative efforts for paediatric cancer clinical trials.

Research Equipment Grants

Fazekas de St Groth B
Next generation high speed cell sorter for cytometry and imaging facility

Robinson P
A superior mass spectrometry system for ultra-sensitive cancer phosphoproteomics PALM Microbeam Laser Microdissection (LM)

Richardson D
PALM Microbeam Laser Microdissection (LM) Microscope for the Multi-User Sydney Cancer Gene Expression Facility

Research Infrastructure Grants

Reddel R
CellBank Australia

Clarke C
Breast Cancer Tissue Bank - data collection and management infrastructure.

Vadas M
Manager Imaging and Cytometry and Imaging Specialist for expanded Centenary Institute flow and imaging facility

Butow P
The Psycho-oncology Co-operative Research Group: infrastructure to support operational activity and facility management to further psychosocial research and quality of life studies in clinical trials.

Research Scholar Awards

Bach T
Understanding Focal Adhesion Dynamics in Cell Migration

Stern J
Recruitment of human telomerase to telomeres

Grzelak C
Role of the hepatic Hedgehog pathway in injury and hepatocellular carcinoma

Yamagishi T
Development of Novel Chemotherapeutics for the Treatment of Leukaemia that Overcome Drug Resistance

Dear R
The use of clinical trial registries to develop and evaluate a web site that informs patients about cancer clinical trials and facilitates their decision making

Mohana Kumaran N
Apoptosis pathways in the drug resistance and pathogenesis of melanoma

O’Connell M
Towards designer RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) as novel cancer biology probes and therapeutic agents

Kiely B
Estimating Survival Duration and Communication of Prognostic Uncertainty in Patients with Incurable Cancer

NSW Registrar Advanced Trainee Program

Lee S
Analysis for differentially expressed proteins in radiation sensitive and resistant rectal cancer cells.


Future Research Leader Grants

Mrass P
Direct visualization of T cell-tumour stroma cell interactions to dissect the molecular mechanisms of immune system-mediated tumour destruction

Qiao L
Identification and characterization of liver cancer stem cells and their regulation by Notch signalling

Research Equipment Grants

Robinson P
A Mass Spectrometer for NSW Cancer Phosphoproteomics Research

Mann G
High-throughput virtual microscopy and data warehouse system

Weninger W
Multi-photon microscope for intravital imaging

Early Career Development Fellowships

Howell V
Ovarian cancer: Experimental models for understanding the molecular events important to this malignancy
$598,790 over 3 years

Kalinowski DS
Development of Novel Anti-Cancer Drugs with Marked and Selective Activity that Overcome Resistance to Established Chemotherapy
$588,598 over 3 years

Rahmanto SR
Novel insights into the role of melanoma tumour antigen p97
(melanotransferrin) in melanoma progression and pathogenesis

$593,197 over 3 years

Clinical Research Fellowship

Balleine R
Molecular grade as prognostic indicator in evasive breast cancer
$577,151 over 3 years

Sidhu S
Molecular Markers of Diagnosis, Outcome and Therapeutic Response in Malignant Adrenal Tumours
$564,126 over 3 years

Clinical Trial Grants (existing units)

Solomon M
Cancer Surgery Trials Unit

Hamilton A
Sydney Cancer Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

International Clinical and Research Fellowship

Lee MJ
Lower limb lymphoedema secondary to cancer treatment
$158,961 over 2 years

NSW Cancer Trials Network Cancer Trials Nurse and Data Manager Grants (Cancer Council NSW supported)

Thompson J
Sydney Melanoma Unit

Research Innovation Grants

Reilly D
Imaging cancer using hyperpolarized nanodiamond

Codd R
Biocombinatorial Synthesis of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors as Chemotherapeutic Agents for Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Kalinowski DS
Molecular Examination of the Role of Iron in Oestrogen-Dependent and - Independent Growth of Breast Cancer Cells

Haass N
Intravital cell-cycle imaging as a novel approach to design combined targeting strategies of independent signalling pathways in melanoma

Tattersall M
Exploring the influence of age-related factors in treatment decisions in advanced cancer

Lyons J
Polyclonality in cancer

Catchpoole D
Applications of systems biology for personalized medicine of childhood leukaemia

King M
Development of cancer specific multi-attribute health states from the QLQC30 for use in economic evaluation

Damian D
Immune effects of topical photodynamic therapy in humans

Beith J
Feasibility of use of acupuncture for treatment of arthralgia secondary to aromatase inhibitor therapy in women with early breast cancer

Research Scholars Award

Sharbeen G
Selective killing of mismatch repair deficient cancer cells
$25,000 over 1 year

Blinman P
Determining patients and doctors preferences for chemotherapy and incorporating them into clinical decision making
$35,000 over 2 years

Payne C
Oligodendrogliomas with LOH 1p19q: Identifying Genes associated with Therapeutic Chemosensitivity
$50,000 over 2 years

Fardell J
Chemotherapy and cognitive decline: Is exercise a remedy?
$50,000 over 2 years

Tacon LJ
Molecular mechanisms of adrenocortical tumorigenesis and response to therapy
$50,000 over 2 years

Walker S
The role of adiponectin in hepatocellular carcinoma
$75,000 over 3 years