Recent National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant outcomes


Development Grants

Prof Paul Keall
Nano-X: A new class of cancer radiotherapy system

Prof Jennifer Gamble
Sensitizing tumours to immunotherapy: Development of an RNA-based therapeutic for pancreatic adenocarcinoma that targets the immunosuppressive tumour microenvironment

Early Career Fellowships

Dr Ulf Schmitz
Characterization of Intron Retention and its role in cancer regulation using bioinformatics

Mr Chun-Chien Shieh
Real-time In-vivo Imaging during Lung Cancer Radiotherapy

Independent Medical Research Institute Infrastructure Grant

Mr Nicholas Keilar
IRIISS – 2016
Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology

Practitioner Fellowships

Prof Georgina Long
Development of systemic therapies to improve response and prevent resistance in the treatment of Melanoma

Prof Jacob George
Implementing and enhancing evidence-based research and practice in hepatology

Project Grants

Dr Justin Wong
Deciphering the role of intron retention in monocyte differentiation and function

Dr Mustafa Khasraw
A 2:1 Randomised Phase II Study of NivolUmab and Temozolomide vs Temozolomide in Methylated newly diagnosed Elderly Glioblastoma (NUTMEG)

Prof John Rasko
The role of a new class of chromatin organising hub

A/Prof Anne Cust
Improving skin cancer prevention: motivating preventive behaviours using knowledge of personalised genomic risk of melanoma

Prof Phyllis Butow
Cancer genomics; Psychosocial, behavioural and ethical issues and outcomes, two inter-related longitudinal studies

Prof John Rasko
Investigating the role of aberrant splicing (intron retention) in acute myeloid leukaemia

Prof Wolfgang Weninger
A novel macrophage lineage in inflammation and cancer

Prof Joel Mackay
Structure and function of a cancer-linked co-regulator complex

Research Fellowships

Prof John Simes
Translating Clinical Trials Research

Prof Phyllis Butow
Supportive care and patient empowerment in the cancer context


NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence

Prof Alexandra Barratt
Creating sustainable healthcare: ensuring new diagnostics avoid harms, improve outcomes, and direct resources wisely

NHMRC Project Grants

Dr Anthony Cesare
How replication stress activates the mitotic telomere DNA damage response to kill cancer cells

Dr Kenneth Micklethwaite
A Phase I Study of PiggyBac CD19 Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells for Therapy of Persistent and Relapsed B-cell Leukaemia and Lymphoma Post Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation (The CARTELL Study)

A/Pr Roderick Clifton-Bligh
Hereditary endocrine cancer: a model based on phaeochromocytoma- paraganglioma syndromes

Prof Wolfgang Weninger
The role of the actomyosin cytoskeleton in T cell-mediated anti-tumour immunity

Prof Michael Kassiou
DYRK1A as a novel target for glioblastoma therapies

Dr Mustafa Khasraw
NABNEC: A Randomised Phase II Study Of Nab-paclitaxel In Combination With Carboplatin As First Line Treatment Of Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Carcinomas

A/Pr Gordon Doig
Prophylactic early parenteral nutrition in patients undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation: A multi-centre randomised controlled trial

Prof Diona Damian
ONTRANS: Oral Nicotinamide for skin cancer chemoprevention after Transplant

NHMRC Career Development Fellowships

A/Pr Jean Yang
Statistical bioinformatics for network based prognostic and precision therapy in complex disease

NHMRC Development Grants

Prof Derek Hart
Development of a New Specific Immunosuppressive Monoclonal Antibody to Advance Transplantation

A/Pr Mark Gorrell
A novel liver cancer therapy targeting tumour stroma

NHMRC Early Career Fellowships (Australia)

Dr James Wilmott
The mutational landscape of melanoma in adolescents and young adults

Dr Angelica Merlot
Pharmacological Targeting Approach for Novel Anti-Cancer Chemotherapeutics Implementing Innovative Albumin-Containing Nanoparticles

Ms Jolyn Hersch
Supporting informed choice for management of screen detected Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) among older women (70 years and over)

NHMRC Research Fellowships

Prof Paul Keall
Innovations in cancer imaging and targeted radiotherapy to improve human health


NHMRC Project Grants

Prof Des Richardson
Pharmacological Targeting of Integrated Oncogenic and Tumour Suppressive Pathways using Novel Therapeutics

Prof John Rasko
Intron retention regulation in granulopoiesis and leukaemia

A/Prof Roderick Clifton-Bligh
Transcription factor FOXE1 and thyroid cancer

Prof Des Richardson
The Physiological Role of Glutathione-S-Transferase in the Intracellular Storage and Transport of Nitric Oxide and its Biomedical Effects

A/Prof Kirsten McCaffery
Informing women about over-diagnosis in mammography screening

Prof Michael Friedlander
Symptom Benefit: Does palliative chemotherapy palliate?

Prof Joel Mackay
Do transcription factor-RNA interactions represent a new mechanism of gene regulation?

Prof Joel Mackay
Structural and functional analysis of a cancer-linked co-regulator complex

A/Prof Andrew Davidson
NITRO: A randomised phase 3 trial of adding nitroglycerin to first line chemotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer

A/Prof Helen Rizos
MAPK reactivation drives melanoma resistance to MAPK inhibition

Dr Matthew Naylor
A novel role for CBFß as a regulator of breast cancer

Prof Roger Reddel
Activation of TERT in breast cancer

Prof Rebecca Mason
Is CYP11A1 critical for the vitamin D photoprotective system in skin?

A/Prof Lyndal Trevena
Should I take low dose aspirin? The 'Optimise' decision aid study

NHMRC Career Development Fellowships

Dr Anne Cust
Investigation of genetic, environmental and lifestyle risk factors to improve cancer prevention and cancer survivorship
$404,884 over 3 years

NHMRC Early Career Fellowships

Dr Megan Passey
Reducing Tobacco Harm Among Vulnerable Population Groups
$334,596 over 3 years

NHMRC Established Career Fellowships

Prof Des Richardson
Biomedical Investigations of Pharmacology and Pathology
$822,925 over 3 years


NHMRC Program Grants

Prof Paul Keall (CIA), Prof Michael Barton, Prof Stuart Crozier
The Australian MRI-Linac Program: Improving cancer treatment through real-time image guided radiotherapy
$5,705,380 over 5 years

Prof John Simes (CIA), Prof Anthony Keech, Prof Val Gebski, A/Prof Martin Stockler, Prof Ian Caterson, Prof Stephen Colagiuri, Prof Deborah Schofield, Prof Ian Marschner
Advancing the Evidence Base for Care and Policy in Priority Health Areas
$10,643,130.00 over 5 years

NHMRC Project Grants

Dr Linda Bendall (CIA), A/Prof Louise Purton, Dr Rosemary Sutton
Microenvironmentally Induced Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cell Quiescence and Chemotherapy Evasion

Dr Yuanyuan Ge (CIA), A/Prof Roger Fulton, A/Prof Per Poulsen, Dr Geoffrey Hugo
Cancer radiotherapy 2020: accounting for tumour deformation in real time to improve treatment outcome

A/Prof Linda Mileshkin (CIA), A/Prof Kailash Narayan, Prof Danny Rischin, Prof Michael Quinn, Prof Michael Friedlander, A/Prof Kathleen Moore, Prof Henry Kitchener, Prof Shyam Shrivastava, Dr Julie Martyn, Prof William Small Jnr
A Phase III trial of adjuvant chemotherapy following chemoradiation as primary treatment for locally advanced cervical cancer compared to chemoradiation alone: The OUTBACK trial

Prof Grantley Gill (CIA), Dr Neil Wetzig, A/Prof Owen Ung, A/Prof Ian Campbell, Dr Wendy Hague, A/Prof Gelareh Farshid
SNAC1: A randomised trial of sentinel node based management versus axillary clearance for women with small breast cancers

A/Prof Trevor Leong (CIA), Prof John Zalcberg, Prof Carol Swallow, Prof Florian Lordick, A/Prof Bernard Smithers, Prof Val Gebski, A/Prof Alex Boussioutas, Prof Karin Haustermans, Prof Rebecca Wong, A/Prof Michael Michael
A randomised phase III trial of preoperative chemoradiotherapy vs preoperative chemotherapy for resectable gastric cancer

A/Prof Beric Henderson (CIA), A/Prof Mark Molloy, Dr Jade Forwood, Dr Manisha Sharma
Characterising the beta-catenin nuclear targeting pathway in cancer

Prof Jacob George (CIA), Dr Liang Qiao, Dr Mark Douglas
Characterization of ARL6IP5 in hepatitis C-related liver cancer

Prof Kate White (CIA), A/Prof Heather McKenzie, Dr Lillian Hayes, Prof Judy Simpson, A/Prof Lisa Horvath, Prof Simon Willcock, Mr Keith Cox, Ms Judith Fethney
Evaluating a shared care pathway intervention to reduce chemotherapy outpatients' unplanned presentations to hospital

Dr Danuta Kalinowski (CIA), Dr David Lovejoy, Dr Yohan Suryo Rahmanto, Prof Prem Ponka
A Pharmacological Targeting Approach Implementing Albumin as a Carrier of a Novel Chemotherapeutic

Prof Martin Tattersall (CIA) , A/Prof William Silvester, A/Prof Josephine Clayton, Dr Karen Detering, Prof Jane Hall, Prof Phyllis Butow, Dr Belinda Kiely, Prof Jonathan Cebon, Prof Stephen Clarke, Dr Melanie Bell
Advance care planning in incurable cancer patients with disease progression on first line chemotherapy: a randomised trial

Prof Michael Murray (CIA), Prof Peter Mackenzie
Over-expression of human cytochrome P450 2J2 activates phase II biotransformation genes that influence anti-cancer drug efficacy

Dr Christopher Jolly (CIA), Dr Jeffrey Holst, Dr Andrew Franklin
Activation and suppression of oncogenic translocation by uracil-DNA glycosylases

Prof Roger Reddel (CIA), Dr Hilda Pickett
Molecular characterisation of telomere trimming and its role in cell proliferative capacity

Prof Roger Reddel (CIA), Dr Loretta Lau
A novel mechanism for sustained proliferation of cancer cells

Dr Anthony Cesare
Ubiquitin and SUMO DNA damage response signalling at deprotected telomeres during the cell cycle

NHMRC Development Grants

Prof Des Richardson
Pre-clinical Development of a Novel Chemotherapeutic for Cancer Therapy

NHMRC Early Career Fellowships

Dr Aaron McGrath
CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical Fellowship
Determining the Molecular Basis of Tumour Cell Multidrug Resistance: Structural and Functional Analysis of Breast Cancer Resistance Protein

NHMRC Practitioner Fellowships

Prof Richard Scolyer
Molecular determinants of progression and treatment response in melanoma

NHMRC Research Fellowships

Dr Linda Bendall
Improving Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

2012 Project Grants

CIA Prof Des Richardson
Investigating the Cellular Response to Iron-Depletion: The Trilogy of ASK1, Thioredoxin and Ribonucleotide Reductase

CIA Prof Des Richardson
Pharmacology of Potential Anti-Tumour Agents: Iron and Copper Chelators of the ApT, BpT and DpT Classes

CIA Prof Sharon Kilbreath
Reduction of breast lymphoedema symptoms secondary to breast cancer: a randomised controlled trial

CIA Dr Megan Chircop
The role of clathrin in the spindle assembly checkpoint and as an anti- cancer target

CIA Dr Anna deFazio
Molecular markers of relapse and treatment response in ovarian cancer

CIA Dr Sally Dunlop
The natural history of unassisted smoking cessation in Australia

CIA A/Prof James Guy Lyons
Interactions between genes that cause cancer

CIA Dr Roger Borne
Improving cancer management by direct detection with diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging

CIA A/Prof Andrew Barbour
Personalising care in operable pancreas cancer. GAP-T: a study of imaging and molecular biomarkers to guide treatment of patients receiving preoperative chemotherapy followed by surgery.

CIA A/Prof Susan Rachel Skinner
Randomised Controlled Evaluation of a Complex Intervention to Promote Uptake of School-based HPV Vaccination

CIA Prof Joel Mackay
Designer DNA-binding proteins targeting methylated DNA for research and therapeutic purposes

CIA A/Prof Howard Gurney
A Multi-site study of Tamoxifen dose escalation study in breast cancer patients with CYP2D6 polymorphisms (TADE study)

CIA Dr Paulus Mrass
Analysis of killer T cell geometry during an anti-tumour response

CIA Prof Paul Keall
The development and investigation of respiratory-modulated four dimensional cone beam CT imaging

CIA Prof Roger Reddel
Interaction of TRF2 with DNA repair proteins in Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres

2011 Project Grants

Canfell K, Clements M, Nickson C, Brotherton J, Castle P, Schiffman M, Lord S, Shi JF
Evaluation of Primary HPV Testing for Cervical Screening in Australia

Haass N, Weninger W
Real-time Imaging of cell cycle progression in melanoma

Matthews J, Mackay J, Guss J
LMO2-containing complexes in leukemia and blood cell development

Marsh D, Baxter R
Pyk2: a central mediator of gonadotropin action in ovarian cancer

George J, Hebbard L
Role of adiponectin in hepatic carcinogenesis

Simanainen U, Handelsman D
Intraprostatic androgen signalling as a target in prostate cancer

Bebawy M, Grau G, Combes V
Microparticles and SelectiveTrait Dominance in Multidrug Resistant Cancers

Rizos H
Dissecting PTEN-regulated pathways in the genesis of melanoma

Rizos Helen, Kefford R, Long G, Zhang XD
Manipulating the B-RAF/MEK pathway in the genesis and treatment of melanoma

Halliday G, Lyons JG
Susceptibility of the basal layer of human epidermis to UVA oxidative damage due to pheomelanin and suboptimal DNA repair

Nicholas H, Crossley M
Identifying regulators of the DNA damage response and tumourigenesis using C. Elegans

Reddel R, Pickett H
Telomere structural abnormalities in cells using alternative lengthening of telomeres

Stevenson A, Solomon M, Hewett P, Lumley J, Fleshman J, Clouston A, Hague W
A La CaRT: Australasian phase III randomised trial comparing laparoscopic-assisted versus open resection for rectal cancer
$ 932,568.20

Weninger W
Dynamics and mechanisms of neutrophil migration during tissue inflammation

Clarke C, Graham J
Progesterone regulation of epithelial expansion in the normal human breast

Mackay J, Blobel G
Structural and functional analysis of a cancer-linked coregulator complex

Jolly C
Regulation of the quality of DNA repair by timing in the cell Cycle

Fazekas De St Groth B, Shklovskaya Elena
Strategies to enhance CD4 T cell-mediated anti-tumour immunity

2010 Project Grants

O'Neill G
The cell biology of glioblastoma infiltration

Baxter R; Moore L; Marsh D; Boyle F; McCarthy N
Protein discovery for breast cancer diagnosis

George J; Hebbard L
The role of the adiponectin receptors in liver fibrosis

Young J; Butow P; Soloman M; Davidson P; Martin D; Harrison J
Improving psychosocial outcomes for cancer carers: a randomised control trial

Alexander I; McCormack M; Alexander S; Thrasher A; Ginn S
Gene therapy, stress haematopoiesis and the risk of malignancy

King M; Viney R; Pallant J; Janda M; Grimison P
Development and valuation of cancer specific multi-attribute health states for use in economic evaluation

Richardson D; Sury Rahmanto Y; Kuchel P
Alpha-2-Macroglobulin and the Transport and Uptake of the Hormone, Hepcidin

Weninger W; Triccas J
Visualisation of gamma-delta T cell responses in cutaneous inflammation

Halliday G; Lyons G; Di Girolamo N; Moloney F; Lee S
Brm and Brg-1 protect from ultraviolet radiation-induced skin and ocular damage

Richardson D; Assinder S; Dong Q
Pharmacological Targeting via AKT, PTEN, and TGF-beta Pathway Integration using
Novel Therapeutics


Clarke S; Robertson G; Piquette-Miller M; McLachlan, A; Baker M; Katsifis A
Improving the use of chemotherapy by targeting the inflammatory response

Crossley M; Bell-Anderson K
Transcriptional control of adipogenesis

Liddle C; Downes M
Steroidogenic factor-1, a novel regulator of hepatic stellate cell function

Lord S; Houssami N
Incidence and prognosis of metastatic breast cancer: A population-based data linkage study

Reddel R; Chang A
Role of STC1 and STC2 in breast carcinogenesis

Reddel R
Induction of senescence in cells that use the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT) mechanism

2009 Project Grants

Grimshaw J
Medicine, Central Clinical School
Determining the role of a novel gene involved in cancer blood supply

Vardy J; Dhillon HM; van der Ploeg H; Zalcberg JR; KS Courneya; Meyer RM; Jackson CJ
Medicine, Central Clinical School
Phase III Study of the impact of a physical activity program on disease-free survival for early colon cancer

Friedlander M; King MT; Gainford MC; Oza A; Fitzgerald PE
Medicine, School of Public Health
Does Palliative Chemotherapy Improve Symptoms in Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer?

Quinn M; Mileshkin LR; Khaw PYL; Creutzberg CL; Friedlander ML; Gainford MC
Medicine, School of Public Health
Chemoradiation and adjuvant chemotherapy versus radiation alone in high risk and advanced endometrial cancer

Chapman S
Medicine, School of Public Health
The use of Web 2.0 internet sites to undermine tobacco advertising bans and to mobilise tobacco control advocates

Clarke C; Graham D
Medicine, Western Clinical School
Progesterone signalling in normal and malignant breast relies on chromosomal positioning of progesterone receptor

Bryan TM; Cohen SB
Medicine, Children's Medical Research Institute
Structure of human telomerase

Richardson D; Rahmanto YS
Medicine, School of Medical Sciences
The Role of Melanoma Tumour Antigen p97 (Melanotransferrin) in Melanoma Tumourenesis

Richardson D; Kalinowski DS; Lovejoy DB; Bernhard PV
Medicine, School of Medical Sciences
Pharmacology of Potential Anti-Tumour Agents: Iron Chelators of the BpT Class

Henderson B
Medicine, Western Clinical School
Regulation of beta-catenin location and function

Butow P; Tattersall MHN; Clayton JM; Young JM; Davidson PM; Epstein RN
Science, Psychology
Improving QOL at the end of life: A randomised controlled trial of a doctor/nurse/patient intervention

2008 Project Grants

Bendall, L; Bradstock K
Enhancement of the effects of cytotoxic agents by mTOR inhibitors in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Rizos H; Kefford R
Escape from BRAF-induced human melanocyte senescence in the genesis of melanoma

Gill G; Wetzig N; Ung O; Bilous M; Campbell I; Collins J; Hague W; Kirby A
SNAC1:A randomised trial of sentinel node based management versus axillary clearance for women with small breast cancers

Wetzig N; Campbell I; Gill G; Ung O; Collins J; Bilous M; Hague W; Kirby A
SNAC2: A randomised trial of extending sentinel node based management to women with larger or multifocal breast cancers

Barratt A; Tattersall M; Askie L; Crossing S; Butow P; Currow D; McGeechan K
Cancer Trials Australia-OnLine: A tool for cancer patients to find open clinical trials and consider trial participation

Clarke S; McLachlan A
Inter-ethnic differences in tolerance of anti-cancer drugs

Jolly C; Manis J; Alt F
Antibody mutation promotes translocation: a natural cause of cancer

Weninger W; Mrass P
Mechanisms of T cell migration and interactions in tumours

Liddle C; Downes M
Function of the Vitamin D Receptor in Hepatic Non-Parenchymal Cells

O’Neil C
Mechanisms of p53 induced embryopathy after in vitro fertilisation

Henderson B
Targeting of the APC tumour suppressor to mitochondria: Implications for APC regulation and cellular function

Scott C; Firth S
The role of the M6P/IGF-II receptor in regulating cellular function

Clarke C
Progesterone regulation of epithelial cell lineages in the breast

O’Neil F; Gunning P
Understanding focal adhesion dynamics in cell migration

Mason R; Reeve V; Halliday G
Mechanisms of photoprotection by vitamin D and analogs

Matthews J; Guss J; Trewhella J
Transcriptional complexes in haematopoiesis and T-cell Leukemia

Suchowerska N; Jackson M; McKenzie D
Rectal invivo radiotherapy dosimetry using a Fibre Optic Array

Bendall L; Bradstock K
Antagonists of p38 MAPK as therapeutics for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

2007 Project Grants

Armstrong B
Medicine, School of Public Health
Sun exposure, vitamin D and the outcome of prostate cancer

Armstrong B
Medicine, School of Public Health
A polypill to prevent genome damage

McCaffery K
Medicine, School of Public Health
A randomised controlled trial of a bowel cancer screening decision aid for adults with low education and literacy

Baxter R
Medicine, Northern Clinical School
Proteomic screening for apoptotic markers in breast cancer

Carter S
Medicine, Central Clinical School
How do lay people understand the risk of developing cancer? A qualitative study using grounded theory procedures.

Gill G
Medicine, Central Clinical School
SNAC1: A randomised trial of sentinel node based management versus axillary clearance for women with small breast cancers

Halliday G
Medicine, Central Clinical School
Effect of ultraviolet radiation on development of effector and memory T cells to melanoma

Vardy J
Medicine, Medical Psychology Unit
Cognitive Function and Fatigue in Cancer Patients After Chemotherapy

Butow P
Science, Psychology
Psychosocial predictors of developing breast cancer in women from high risk breast cancer families

Butow P
Science, Psychology
Psychological morbidity, unmet needs and patterns of care in culturally and linguistically diverse cancer patients in Australia

2006 Project Grants

Harnett P
Medicine, Western Clinical School (Westmead Millennium Institute)
Certain death in uncertain time: a qualitative study of the experience of advanced ovarian cancer

Clarke C
Medicine, Western Clinical School (Westmead Millennium Institute)
Impact of progesterone receptor submuclear localisation on progesterone action in endocrine target cells

Soon L
Science, Electron Microscope Unit
Mechanisms of motility and metastasis in breast cancer

Henderson B
Medicine, Western Clinical School (Westmead Millennium Institute)
Regulation of beta-catenin localisation and its role in tumour cell migration

Halliday G
Medicine, Central Clinical School
Role of brm in skin tumour progression from benign to malignant

Seibel M
Medicine, Central Clinical School (ANZAC Research Institute)
Glucocorticoid effects on bone: the role of the osteoblast