Research Centres - Concord campus

Members of The University of Sydney Cancer Research Network who are located at the Concord campus work in the following Research Centre.

ANZAC Research Institute

The Cancer Pharmacology research group is the newest addition to the ANZAC Research Institute. The group is interested in clinical trials of new cancer treatments, nutritional and psycho-oncology research and cancer pharmacology. A strong collaboration has been formed with the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility at Macquarie University to discover new biomarkers for colorectal cancer.

Dr Colin Dunstan leads the Bone Biology Research Program. The laboratory has a strong interest in the development and evaluation of transgenic models of bone disease, and pursues research in basic bone biology, applied bone metabolism and clinical research in metabolic bone disease. The group have established collaborations with research groups in Australia based at the Universities of Sydney, New South Wales, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. Internationally, we collaborate with colleagues from Columbia University, New York, USA, the Universities of Heidelberg, Berlin and Wuerzburg, Germany, The Rowett Research Institute at Aberdeen University, UK, the University of Basel, Switzerland, and many others.