Seeking staff feedback on how best to drive excellence, scale and impact of cancer research at the University of Sydney.

The University of Sydney has initiated a consultation and strategic planning process to define the future of cancer research at the University. The Health and Medical Research Review (2013) identified cancer as a major research strength and strategic priority for the University. A multi-faculty steering committee has embarked upon a review of the current state of cancer research at Sydney and seeks the University community’s ideas regarding how best to drive excellence, scale and impact in this area. This review also forms part of the strategic planning process for the Cancer Stream of Sydney Health Partners. The committee is supported in its endeavours by the Cancer Research Network and Professor Laurent Rivory, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships).

Cancer is a multi-faceted health problem which presents challenges across a wide spectrum from basic science to health policy. Within this context, the consultation is focused on addressing three questions:

  1. What should the University define as its vision for cancer research?
  2. What are the principal challenges and opportunities in cancer research at Sydney?
  3. What should the University, in collaboration with its partners, do to realise its vision for cancer research?

By exploring potential answers to these questions, the committee aims to identify specific transformative initiatives which would build on the University’s existing strengths in cancer research and increase impact. The committee aims to synthesise its findings and the results of the consultation as a Green Paper.

Project update

A review of over 80 submissions from a variety of research groups, individuals, faculties and disciplines has been undertaken. A detailed thematic analysis was performed and inputs from that have been synthesised into a set of recommendations which are being evaluated (against internal data and the external environment) by the CRN Steering Committee and Working Group. These recommendations will be presented to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) in December 2017, and the final report will be available in early 2018.

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Contact us

For further information regarding the cancer research consultation process please contact:

Dr Cathy Barnett
Project Manager

Professor Graham Mann
Chair, The University of Sydney Cancer Research Network