Research Centres - Cumberland campus

Members of The University of Sydney Cancer Research Network who are located at the Cumberland campus work in the following Research Centres.

Faculty of Health Sciences

Australian Research Collaboration on Breast Imaging

The breast imaging research group, led by Dr Ann Poulos, has strong collaborations with Breast Screen NSW, the government-funded initiative which has units in all major teaching hospitals.

Dr Poulos’ patient-focused research looks at a range of issues, including ways of improving the quality of breast images and identifying the effects mammography tests have on women.

Clinical Rehabilitation Breast Cancer Research Team

The Breast Cancer Research Group is a multi-disciplinary group of well established researchers from backgrounds including physiotherapy, oncology, breast surgery, applied physiology and physiology, public health and psychology.

The focus of the Group is to identify and modify the painful, long-term effects of breast cancer treatment to improve overall quality of life. This is most commonly ongoing shoulder and arm problems such as lymphoedema (arm swelling caused by fluid build-up due to the removal of lymph nodes either by surgery or radiotherapy), shoulder stiffness, weakness, pain and numbness.

Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences

The Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences Faculty Research Group (FRG) is one of 6 groups of researchers belonging to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Group conducts research into medical imaging, including PET, SPECT, MRI and MR-spectroscopy, as well as treatment modalities based on ionizing radiation.

Areas of research include:

  • The development of novel biomarkers for in vivo imaging of receptor expression and cell function;
  • The development of high resolution instruments and quantitative data analysis methods for in vivo imaging;

    The use of imaging for the study of human diseases and disease models; and
  • The optimization of image-guided radiation therapy and population screening

Physiotherapy Cancer Research Team

The Physiotherapy Cancer Research Team is led by Dr Sharon Kilbreath and primarily undertakes breast and prostate cancer studies.