Research Centres - St Leonards campus

Members of The University of Sydney Cancer Research Network who are located at the St Leonards campus work in the following Research Centres.

Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Royal North Shore Hospital and University of Sydney

The Kolling Institute of Medical Research is the main centre for biomedical research at Royal North Shore Hospital. Researchers at the Kolling Institute work on molecular solutions to medical problems by investigating the activity and the interactions of cells.

Research efforts are directed in a number of areas, but in particular, the Hormones and Cancer Group focuses on the role of hormones in cancer and the genetic causes underlying certain cancers of the endocrine system and the bowel, under the direction of Professors Rob Baxter and Bruce Robinson. It also examines the molecular basis of bone disease. The Cancer Diagnosis and Pathology Research Group, led by A/Professor Anthony Gill, is also based at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research. The translational cancer research group’s primary focus is in tissue cancer biomarker discovery and validation.

Bill Walsh Cancer Research Laboratories

The Bill Walsh Cancer Research Laboratories, also based at Royal North Shore Hospital, are directed by Adjunct Professor Ross Davey. The research programs at the Bill Walsh Cancer Research Laboratories are aimed at improving cancer treatment. Programs focus on drug and radiation resistance, neuropathy prevention (during cancer treatment), the role of endothelial cells in cancer biology, and 'translational research', the interface between laboratory research and the treatment of cancer.