Information for prospective Honours students

Becoming an Honours student

Honours is a widely recognised and highly regarded additional year of undergraduate study available to students who have recently completed their undergraduate degree. Honours is a unique opportunity for students to explore their research potential by designing an independent project and producing a thesis of their work.

Prospective Honours students are encouraged to browse information about cancer researchers and cancer research groups at the University of Sydney, its teaching hospitals and affiliated research institutes available on the Cancer Research Network website.

Once you have identified an area of interest or a potential supervisor, contact the group leader or potential supervisor and arrange to speak with them about a possible project.

Most Faculties, Disciplines and Schools have their own separate application forms, and processes, which must be completed and submitted directly to that Faculty, Discipline or School:


Honours Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and personal attributes such as leadership and creativity.

In order to be eligible, the programme you are studying must have an additional year following the normal Bachelor degree. Please check with the relevant Faculty if you are unsure whether your course of study is considered to have an additional Honours year. Some Honours degrees do not include an additional year of study and are therefore not eligible for this scholarship.

Please note that, applications are open once a year only, irrespective of whether you intend to commence in the first or second semester.

You must be a local student (ie. Australian or New Zealand citizen, or permanent resident of Australia).

International students may apply for this scholarship only if undergraduate studies were undertaken at The University of Sydney.

For full details, please visit the Honours Scholarships website.