Information for prospective PhD students

Becoming a PhD student

Step 1 - Am I academically qualified to apply for a research degree?

Yes, if you have the equivalent of an Australian honours degree, or a masters by research degree, or a masters by coursework with a minor thesis component.

If you are not appropriately qualified, you should consider taking a postgraduate coursework program.

Step 2 - Select a research project

Research Supervisor Connect is a University of Sydney website designed to match your research interests to available research opportunities and supervisors. Search for PhD opportunities in Cancer at the University of Sydney.

At present, not all postgraduate research opportunities are listed in the Research Supervisor Connect database. Prospective students are encouraged to browse further information about cancer researchers and cancer research groups at the University of Sydney, its teaching hospitals and affiliated research institutes available on the Cancer Research Network website.

Once you have identified an area of interest or a potential supervisor, contact the group leader or potential supervisor and arrange to speak with them about a possible project.

Step 3 - Seek approval

Discuss the project details with your potential supervisor and provide them with a copy of your academic transcript and/or curriculum vitae. When you are discussing potential research topics, it is important to ensure that appropriate research facilities are available and your potential supervisor has expertise in the relevant field.

After deciding on a project, if you are enrolling in Sydney Medical School, Pharmacy or Dentistry you should make direct contact with the postgraduate co-ordinator of the discipline in which you wish to study.

Your postgraduate co-ordinator must approve your research degree application. This is a vital step which you should make prior to submitting your application form - in addition to qualifications and experience, admission to research programs will depend on the availability of resources, facilities and supervisors with relevant expertise. Postgraduate Co-ordinator contact information.

Step 4 - Apply for a scholarship

A number of postgraduate research scholarships are available to local and international PhD students. Please refer to the University of Sydney Research Office website for detailed information.

Apply to the University or other funding bodies for a postgraduate scholarship. Researchers at some Institutes affiliated with the University of Sydney will only supervise PhD students with competitive scholarships.

Step 5 - Enrol at the University of Sydney

Cancer research at the University of Sydney is conducted by researchers in the Faculties of Medicine, Science, Pharmacy and Nursing and Midwifery.

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Step 6 - Start your research program

Forward a copy of your Letter of Enrolment from the University and Offer of Scholarship from the granting body to your supervisor and arrange a starting date to begin your research.