Undergraduate courses relevant to cancer

The course information displayed is applicable to currently available degrees and courses and is updated annually in October. This information is indicative only. Please refer to handbooks for further information.

Faculty of Science

These are the areas of specialisation that could be applicable to cancer and are available in the Bachelor of Science.

* indicates a major in this area is also available at the advanced level.

Faculty of Nursing

Bachelor of Science and Master of Nursing
The Bachelor of Science/Master of Nursing is designed for students who wish to develop a deeper understanding of an area of interest in science and relate it to health care. This might include pharmacology, psychology, physiology or biomedical science. This degree has the potential to greatly enhance your career and employment choices.

Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Nursing
The Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Nursing is designed for students who wish to obtain a broad knowledge of health sciences whilst gaining a nursing qualification. As part of your health sciences degree you can study topics such as toxicology, epidemiology, behavioural health science, management and project design. Combined with the Master of Nursing, you will enjoy greatly enhanced career and employment opportunities.

Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
An introduction to independent nursing research for Bachelor of Nursing graduates interested in the opportunity of studying with Faculty staff who are experts in major research areas such as ageing, indigenous health nursing, midwifery, cancer and the illness experience.

Faculty of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Applied Science (MRS) Diagnostic Radiography
Be at the forefront of tomorrow's technology. Choose a career which combines interpersonal skills, the latest technology and life changing treatment.

Bachelor of Health Sciences
Be ready for anything. Pursue your passion for health and open up your options with a generalist degree in the health sciences.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy
This degree prepares students, and leads to registration, for a profession as pharmacists.

Faculty of IT and Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical - Biomedical)
Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering, encompassing aspects of mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineering, as well as the biological sciences.

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science
The combined Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Science is a well established and highly popular degree, and emphasises the strong scientific foundations of engineering. More...

Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Medical Science
This program combines the core elements of the engineering and medical science degrees and is designed for those students interested in spanning engineering and medical sciences in future endeavours. More...