Student Campus Cards

What is a student campus card?

Your University of Sydney Student Campus Card is your University ID card. You need to carry your card with you at all times while you are on campus and display it when you sit formal examinations.

From 2014, your card will be valid for the duration of your enrolment at the University of Sydney.

Your Student Campus Card contains your name and student ID number, your library borrower's number and barcode, a travel concession image (if eligible), and your photograph.

Travel concessions are currently issued to eligible students on a yearly basis.

Travel concessions are valid until the end of March the following year unless you withdraw or suspend your studies.

Why do I need a student campus card?

Your card identifies you as a student of the University of Sydney.

It also gives you access to a range of services, including the University libraries, access to certain buildings (with faculty approval), and travel concessions (if you are eligible).

The card features an embedded chip that will give you access to the contactless card readers being installed across our campuses in the coming years.

We will be adding exciting new features to your card in 2014. Be sure to keep up to date by regularly visiting the Campus Card Centre website.

Your University of Sydney Student Campus Card is not valid if mutilated, defaced or damaged.

Optional Visa prepaid payment functionality

If you have activated the Visa prepaid payment functionality on your 2013 student card you should spend or withdraw your Available Balance before the expiry date of your Card. In most cases this will be 31st March 2014 but is dependent on your current enrolment.
You will not be able to use the card after the expiry date. If your Card has expired with funds remaining on the Card, you will need to contact ANZ to arrange for a refund to be made directly into an Australian bank account or by some other agreed method.

Contact details for ANZ are available here