Interview practice

Like any skill practice makes perfect. Performance at interview will improve exponentially with a little practice.

Research the most commonly asked interview questions and rehearse your best answers to them. Rehearse with a friend or relative and ask for their honest feedback. You can also rehearse in front of the mirror, or record your answers and listen back over them to identify areas for improvement.

Make a list of all the selection criteria, and reflect on examples you can cite for each criteria, e.g.
Criteria – verbal communication skills
Example – finalist in toastmasters' public speaking competition

Reflect on your strengths and achievements, and be prepared to speak about them confidently. Achievements can include:

  • a time when you showed initiative to improve something, e.g. workplace procedures, workplace/club/society software or system, workplace filing system, club/society marketing materials, fund raising activities, etc
  • a time when you added value to an employer’s business, e.g. met or exceeded sales targets, demonstrated excellent customer service to entice return custom, helped with a cost saving initiative.
  • a time when you made a contribution, e.g. voluntary work with an organisation or cause, a suggestion you made in a club, society or workplace that helped improve operations, met a tight deadline.
  • a time when you worked well with others to achieve an outcome.
  • Practice, record and assess your interview answers using our Interview Simulator.

Refer to the detailed handout to find examples of commonly asked questions.