Interview preparation

The key to successful performance at an interview is preparation.

Research and rehearse!

Devote time prior to any interview to the following:

  • find out all you can about the industry, the organisation and the job role. Use the internet, newspapers, related publications and personal contacts to assist you.
  • reflect on your skills and past achievements. Employers expect candidates to know what they have to offer and to provide evidence of their value to the organisation and role.
  • research best practice interview techniques and attend careers centre interview workshops.
  • rehearse answers to commonly asked interview questions.
  • Interview Simulator - practice your interview skills in real time, record your answers and compare your responses against video advice from employers.

Be professional!

  • Ensure everything about your appearance reflects your professionalism and attention to detail, i.e. clean suit, polished shoes, neat hair and nails.
  • Be on time, and make sure your mobile phone is turned off.
  • Prepare some well thought out questions to ask the interviewer that help to demonstrate your interest in the role and your initiative.

Be confident!

  • Smile, maintain eye contact and confident posture and body language.
  • Avoid rushing your answers, take your time and remember to breathe!