Five key tips for online applications

1. Allow time to work on the application, at least 2-3 hours to complete the process.

2. Complete the application in a word document first of all as you can spell check and use other methods to check the accuracy of your work. It is also important to stick to the word limit per question.

3. Always give evidence based answers when asked a behavioural question, for example:

Question: Can you outline when you last displayed sound teamwork skills?
Answer: An example of my excellent teamwork skills is best shown through my netball team's recent accomplishment in reaching the semi-finals of our competition in July last year. My role was Centre and this involved ... etc.

4. Try to think of different examples to use and not just university based scenarios.

5. Proof read, proof read and ask someone else to proof read again. An impartial reader is more likely to pick up errors in your application.

Employer tips: what makes a good internship application

The tips in the video below are applicable to all types of applications, not just internships!