Resume Rescue Sessions

Our Resume Rescue Sessions are targeted at students who have drafted a final resume or job application and would like some assistance to refine and strengthen it.

Before you attend a Resume Rescue Session you need to have:

  • Drafted your job application/s (resume, cover letter and/or selection criteria)
  • Read the information on Resumes, Cover Letters and Selection Criteria.
  • Carefully checked for and corrected any spelling and/or grammatical errors.
  • Download our Sample Resume and Resume Template or visit the following website to see sample copies of resume templates (in MS Word format) to help guide your formatting.
  • Starting Semester 2 2016, you must register to secure your place online through CareerHub.
  • For help with written expression, visit the Write Site, run by the University of Sydney.

Resume Rescue Sessions will be a practical workshop where you will work in small groups. You will need to bring with you a hard copy of your resume or job application.

Careers Centre staff will not rewrite or amend your resume, cover letter or selection criteria, as the wording needs to be your own. We can provide you with guidance and practical advice on improvements so that you can develop it further yourself.

Many employers list “written communication skills” as one of their requirements, and are likely to be assessing this through the standard of your written application. For this reason, the Careers Centre does not make any corrections to resumes submitted for feedback as it would be misleading to employers.

Also note that many employers seek skills such as “attention to detail” and “good computer literacy”, so please ensure that you demonstrate these through the quality and presentation of your application.