What can I do with my degree?

Career options and graduate destinations

This area of the website is currently being updated. Check back soon for career options for a range of degrees, faculties, and areas of interest.

Approaching the end of your course?

In order to continue providing informed and up to date career advice, the Career Centre relies on responses to the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) from recent graduates.

You will be invited to complete the AGS four months after completing your course to tell us about your experience at the University of Sydney, as well as what you have been doing since you graduated.

Your confidential AGS response will help by:

  • letting other students in your program know what career options are open to them.
  • giving the University feedback on the quality and relevance of its programs and courses.

Your feedback is important – it helps us to help new students with careers advice and improve our teaching and learning practices.

We encourage you to complete the survey when it arrives and wish you all the best in the final stages of your course.

*The Careers Centre Graduate Destinations Report is based on the data collected nationally each year by Graduate Careers Australia. This Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) reports on the employment and income outcomes for graduates and further education pursuits, and national data can be viewed at www.graduatecareers.com.au.