Graduate Profile: Diana Goodsall

Diana Goodsall

Name: Diana Goodsall

What degree/s did you study (and year of completion)?
Bachelor of Liberal Studies 2010

Where do you currently work (sector/organisation) and what is your position title?
I am a Senior Consultant in the National Health Team, a part of consulting at PwC.

Describe a typical day/week in your role. What do you enjoy most about your work?
The wonderful thing about consulting is that it is ‘client facing’ at all levels, so we often travel out to client sites. In the National Health Practice we work with a lot of public sector organisations, often on high profile projects that are helping to improve healthcare in Australia.

My first job when I started as a grad was as part of a team exploring ways to strengthen and support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce. This involved research and extensive consultation with the workforce around Australia to identify the current issues and national workshops to work with them to develop solutions and recommendations for the future.

What are some of the biggest challenges in your current role?
The biggest challenge, but also the most rewarding aspect, is there is no business as usual. Each new job is different and requires new knowledge, skills and relationships so you are constantly learning and stretching yourself.

How did you get your career journey started?
I started at PwC as a vacationer in my second-last year at Sydney Uni. I didn’t know PwC had a Health team until I went to a Careers Centre session with speakers from PwC and met the PwC campus recruiter. The six week vacation program gave me a great taste of what working at PwC would be like. I was able to try out a number of different projects and sit down with partners and other team members to hear about their career journeys and discuss mine. At the end of the six weeks I was offered a graduate position in the team - it was great to have a job lined up in my final year. I started full time in March 2011.

Which skills are highly valued by employers in your field?
Consulting at PwC spans many different industries and capabilities, so there are positions for people from a range of degree backgrounds. PwC places high value on work life balance and flexibility, so they value evidence of extracurricular activities and interests. I found having experiences to draw from in interviews very helpful, be it extracurricular, work experience, or something else. For me this was my year exchange to Bristol University.

What are your top three tips for students wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Consulting attracts people from diverse backgrounds – study what you are interested in, not what you think you need to study to get a job. Take advantage of the services Sydney Uni provides such as the careers fairs and talks. There are lots of opportunities to meet with potential employers which can put you in a good position when you are applying for jobs.

Have you discovered any myths about your industry?
That PwC is all about accounting!