First days in a new job

You've secured a role – congratulations! Your first days in any new role will set the tone of your longer term engagement with your employer. It is important to think carefully on the impression you want to make.

Be prepared!

It may sound basic, but keep these points in mind to get off to the best start on day one:

  • Be on time: travel the route to work prior to day one to ensure you know where you're going and how long it will take to get there.
  • Dress appropriately: if your workplace calls for wearing a suit make sure ahead of time yours is clean and pressed. If it's a casual job in a warehouse make sure you have the appropriate safety clothing, e.g. steel capped boots.
  • Research the organisation: you will have to absorb a wealth of new information during your first days. Give yourself a headstart by reading up on the organisation's products, services and business strategies.
  • Introduce yourself: establish a good rapport early on with your team mates by taking the initiative to introduce yourself if that hasn't happened as part of your induction.
  • Pack supplies: some workplaces are better prepared for new team members than others, so it's a good idea to take your own supplies to reduce the risk of inefficiencies - or distracting hunger pains - on day one. Pack a pen, notepad, mug, water bottle and lunch or money for food in case no ATMs are located nearby.

Monitor your own performance

Particularly in the first three months in a new role, it is important to check in regularly with your manager to ensure you are contributing effectively to team goals and meeting expectations. Ask for feedback and advice, but also don't forget to keep your manager abreast of your accomplishments so far.