Starting out in my career

In any new job, the first three months are very important. In this time you need to demonstrate:

  • solid performance, drive and commitment
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • a good fit with the company culture
  • time management and prioritisation skills
  • a solid fit for the role

Many organisations include a three month probationary period for new employees, which makes this period crucial in terms of your performance, teamwork and contributions.

Your time at university will have taught you many skills and instilled a range of attributes that will serve you well in the workplace. Review these before you start out and reflect on how they can assist you in your first days.

Key things to remember

  • Expect work to be very different to university, prepare for a readjustment.
  • Adopt a professional mode of communication. SMS-friendly spelling and grammar is unacceptable in a professional environment. Proof read emails before hitting 'send' and giving the wrong message about your professionalism.
  • Be clear on what is expected of you in your role and focus on achieving these outcomes.
  • Do ask your manager for feedback to make sure your performance is on track.
  • Take the initiative to find answers to your questions. Most organisations have an intranet that provides answers to many of the questions employees raise.