Postgraduate studies

What is postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study is a course that leads to an award such as graduate diploma, a master's degree or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). A PhD can be completed via course work or research. A coursework PhD consists of classes and assessment pieces while a research PhD involves the completion of an unique and independent research project which is often presented as either as a thesis (i.e. a 100,000 word document) or other piece of written or creative work.

Visit the Postgraduate website, Ignite the possible, to find out more.

What are the benefits of doing postgraduate study?

Postgraduate study can assist you to progress in a chosen career, enhance your knowledge in a specialist field, or expand future career options. Read more about how to enhance your career through postgraduate study on the Graduate Careers Australia website.

Which postgraduate course is right for me?

The University of Sydney conducts information sessions for people interested in exploring postgraduate study options. In order to choose the most appropriate course of study we recommend you spend time on the Future students website:

Are scholarships available for postgraduate study?

The University of Sydney does not currently offer University-wide scholarships for postgraduate coursework students. Contact your relevant faculty scholarship officer to see if the faculty offer postgraduate coursework scholarships.

Comprehensive information on research scholarship opportunities and application guidelines can be accessed via the Research Office website.