Undergraduate studies

What is undergraduate study?

A course of study that leads to a Diploma or Bachelor Degree.

Who is undergraduate study for?

Undergraduate study is typically for people who wish to:

  • gain entry into a profession, e.g. to become a Scientist you need to complete a Degree in Science; or
  • deepen their knowledge and/or skill in an area of personal interest. e.g. a person with a passion for History may pursue an Arts Degree

How do I apply for undergraduate study?

To access detailed information about undergraduate degrees offered by the University of Sydney and how to apply for them visit our Future students website

How will undergraduate study benefit me?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census data reports a range of improved outcomes for people with higher education qualifications including a greater likelihood of:

  • finding employment
  • obtaining full time as opposed to part time or casual employment;
  • working in high skill occupations; and
  • obtaining a salary in the upper income brackets.

Source: ABS - Higher Education Graduates in the Labour Market

Studying at University contributes to your personal and professional development, enhancing your knowledge and skills, developing your graduate attributes and broadening your horizons.

How long will undergraduate study take?

Between 3 and 7 years depending on the degree.
For example a Bachelor of Arts is 3 years, a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) is 4 years, a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws is 6 years.

For details on the length of all undergraduate degrees at the University of Sydney, visit our Future students website or refer to the 2014 Undergraduate Guide.