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Logistical Information and other requirements:
- Booth consists of a display panel (2m wide x 1.2m high, velcro compatible) and trestle table (150cm x 69cm x 75cm high).
- Signage is 1.5m wide and allows for up to 25 characters.
- Power and lighting are provided to each booth area.
- You need to supply your own table cloth, banners and marketing material.
- Please discuss any special AV or display materials with us as soon as possible.
- Deliveries can be made to the venue on the day of the Fair only from 8am.
- Booths are allocated according to industry sector and you will be notified on the day of the event.
- There is no on-site parking available on the day of the Fair.

Other requirements: Please contact in relation to any other requirements you may have.