Tips on Delivering Information Sessions

The students you can expect to meet at your session are interested, attentive and motivated individuals. These students will often visit your website for more information prior to your presentation, so it is up to you to use your presentation time to interact, network and emphasise what your organisation has to offer. Here are some tips on how to gain the most out of your information session at the University of Sydney.

The presentation format

  • Start your presentation five or ten minutes past the hour. This gives students time to get to your presentation from their previous class, which may be across campus.
  • Keep the formal presentation time short – perhaps 20 to 40 minutes – so it is interactive and you have time to network.
  • Most students attending your presentation will have classes straight after – aim to finish everything five minutes before the hour.
  • If using a PowerPoint presentation, keep the number of slides low. We recommend you have all presentation material on USB for easy set-up.
  • Have hard-copy brochures and materials to give to students.

Bring staff

Bring senior staff and recent graduates. Students respond well to listening to the experiences of individuals, so profile employees with the details of their career path since graduation.

Ideas for content

The content of your information session could include:

  • a brief overview of the industry as well as your company
  • an overview of the types of positions available for new graduates
  • international opportunities within your organisation
  • internship/vacation work opportunities
  • the value of postgraduate recruits
  • the working conditions
  • the expected path of progression within your company and the industry

Alternatively, you can present on a particular employment topic that aligns with the Career Centre workshops. This gives more information to students than what they can research themselves on your website and shows that you value well-rounded, professional candidates.

Help students with their applications

Students respond well to presentations that help with their career development or with the job application process.

  • Specify what your organisation looks for in graduates.
  • Describe the skills that are in demand in your organisation.
  • Explain the recruitment process, for example, an online application, assessment centre and interview.
  • Specify the timeline for recruitment, including opening and closing dates for applications, and when offers are made.
  • Give tips on how students can prepare for the graduate recruitment process.
  • Explain what a student can do to stand out from the competition – perhaps hints on addressing selection criteria or sample interview questions.

Contact us

Contact the Industry Development Team if you have any questions about what to include in your information session.
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