Casual and part-time employment

If you have casual or part-time work available, the best way to promote your opportunity is to advertise for free on Sydney CareerHub. University of Sydney students are enthusiastic for paid work to gain work experience and to develop their skills.

What can be advertised?

We publish a wide variety of casual work opportunities on Sydney CareerHub. You might be looking for a tutor, nanny/babysitter, office assistant, paralegal, sales assistant, barista, graphic designer/web developer or something else all together. Ads will not be accepted for unpaid work for businesses, or that are discriminatory. Contact the Careers Centre if you are unsure about your offer.

Organisations and businesses with an ABN or Individuals (private householders) may register and advertise work opportunities subject to our advertising terms and conditions. Careers Centre now uses Sydney CareerHub.

Recruiting students for research

Researchers looking for volunteers may advertise on Sydney CareerHub if approved by the Research Integrity Group. Before you lodge an advertisement, email your approval reference and your advertisement text to

How do I advertise?

To upload your job advertisement:


It is free to advertise on Sydney CareerHub.

Tips and hints

Advertisements that are informative about the employer and role tend to get better results. We also recommend the following:

  • check the Fair Work website if you're not sure what rate of pay to offer
  • include a way for students to apply for the position (for example, via email) in the body of your advertisement text
  • avoid using discriminatory or insensitive language – more information is available from the NSW Public Service Commission's Equity and Diversity website
  • if you want to make sure an applicant is a student at the University, ask them to show you their student ID card.

How long will my ad be active for?

The default closing date for casual jobs ads is two weeks from the posting date. All casual jobs can be extended for a maximum of one month from the initial posting date. You can extend your job ad’s closing date on Sydney CareerHub.

Closing job ads

When your vacancy is filled you can login to Sydney CareerHub to close the job ad. Students will not be able to view your ad once you deactivate it.


For help submitting an advertisement, contact the Industry Development Team:
T: (02) 8627 8408