Graduate positions

The University of Sydney Careers Centre assists students to find graduate employment at the end of their degrees. Students are encouraged to look at:

Graduate recruitment programs

The public service and many private companies offer graduate recruitment programs. These generally have a lengthy recruitment process, which can involve psychometric testing, behavioural style interviews or assessment centres. Graduates accepted into these programs anticipate that they will benefit from ongoing skills development, and are often supported by mentoring, coaching, leadership development, training and work rotations throughout the organisation.

Suggested ideas for promoting your graduate recruitment program:

Graduate entry positions

A graduate entry position requires a degree as essential selection criteria, but the role is not attached to a formal graduate program. These positions seek a fresh graduate or someone with a combination of degree(s) and work experience (industry-related or other). As Sydney CareerHub is accessible to both current students and to recent graduates, you could find your ideal candidate through the University of Sydney Careers Centre.

Suggested ideas for promoting your graduate entry position:

University of Sydney alumni

We offer you the opportunity to recruit our alumni (up to five years after graduation) by advertising vacancies on Sydney CareerHub.