Internship and vacation work programs

What is an internship or vacation work?

Vacation work usually denotes a structured vacation placement – a formal program of paid work, usually in a large organisation and often run from early December to late February. Increasingly, organisations also offer winter vacation work. The salary offered is generally based on a percentage of the graduate salary with that organisation.

Internships are similar in many ways to vacation work programs, and some employers use the terms interchangeably. However, internships may be offered in either vacation or semester time. Internships offered by organisations are often independent of course requirements and these are paid, structured programs offered to students whilst they are still completing their studies.

Internships and vacation work provide provide students with opportunities to experience an industry or company first-hand and gain valuable professional experiences.

For employers, internships and vacation work provide important connections with skilled students to assist with project work during busy times, as well as potential future part-time or full-time employees.

Unpaid internships

We are unable to display ads for unpaid internships and work experience, unpaid training, unpaid trial periods, or pay below award e.g. stipends. (Unpaid work for a business may only be offered through faculty, for course credit. Our unpaid and volunteering work info sheet has alternatives or contact the Careers Centre for assistance.

How can I promote an internship?

You will gain the most exposure for your internship or vacation work opportunities with a multilayered approach. You can:

Connecting with faculty

Some courses require students to complete internships or placements. Contact the Careers Centre for more information.

Faculties with internship requirements include:

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