Careers Resource Centre

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Careers Resource Centre

Students are encouraged to read background information on employers (such as annual reports, brochures, company outlines and press cuttings) for specific job vacancies, for interview preparation and general careers research.

Employers are welcome to provide such material for reference at the Careers Centre. Regular employers of graduates maintain a permanent file in the Careers Resource Centre. Additional material for students to take away is also welcomed. Please note that the size of posters intended for display should be limited to A4, and that due to limited space we can not guarantee that your poster will be displayed.

Please feel welcome to visit our Careers Resource Centre to update your material at any time.


  • Students become aware of your company and the benefits of working for you
  • Interviews are more productive because students are better informed
  • Employers are able to give students information that is relevant

If you would like to supply us with some hard copy information about your company or career opportunities, please contact us to discuss this opportunity further.
T: (02) 8627 8403