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Recruiting Students

Our experience suggests that timing plays a crucial role in maximising your graduate recruitment campaign, fielding the best applications and finding the right graduates. The university year comprises of two 13-week semesters, during which time various academic pressures are placed on our students, including exams, assignments and thesis submissions. We schedule our careers fairs and information sessions early in semester to suit this schedule.

If you are planning to recruit for the following year, we recommend making contact with students and promoting your employment opportunities at the beginning of Semester 1 (first week of March), although this will vary depending on whether you are offering a formal graduate program or a general graduate entry position.

Internships and vacation work are generally promoted at the beginning of Semester 2 (last week of July). A great way to promote your opportunities is to attend the Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair (Spring).

These are recommended guidelines only. We do find, however, that companies who take the academic program into consideration have a greater opportunity of finding the candidate they want.

You can now also recruit our alumni.

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On-campus activity is a great way to recruit students. Consider the following services for your recruitment objectives:

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