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As Australia's first university we have a long and proud tradition of educating engaged professionals. The University of Sydney has more than 50,000 currently enrolled students, studying full-time or part-time, enrolled in 16 faculties across nine campuses.

To help you shape your recruitment strategies, we've provided some general information about our:

You can find detailed statistics about the University from the Planning and Information Office.

Undergraduate students

The University of Sydney is the university of choice for school leavers starting tertiary education in New South Wales, a preference that reflects our strengths and diversity. The University offers more than 130 degrees at an undergraduate level, supported by teaching, learning and research facilities of the highest calibre.

In addition, the University boasts an active student community. Through the University of Sydney Union, students can participate in one of the many hundreds of clubs and societies, fostering the development of excellent communication and leadership skills.

Excellence in teaching and learning coupled with extracurricular experiences mean that our students graduate as well-rounded individuals, possessing the lifelong skills and experiences on which to build successful careers and make strong contributions in their chosen field of work.

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students may be enrolled in a graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters by coursework, research masters or doctor of philosophy (PhD). Each course requires the completion of an undergraduate degree and usually some work experience. Postgraduate qualifications allow students to specialise in their chosen field, make a career change or acquire new skills.

University of Sydney PhD research students are the future leaders of industry. They are the best of the best when it comes to analytical and forward thinking, problem solving, communication and leadership skills, and more.

To complete a research PhD an individual must firstly generate an original idea then conduct extensive research, tests and experiments to analyse every concept related to their original idea. The research is presented to local, national and international peers in journals and at conferences for review and critique. Within four years the research and findings are presented professionally in a document of between 80,000 and 100,000 words.

Skills honed during a research PhD include:

  • written and verbal communication, including submission papers and presentations
  • budget management
  • leadership and people management (research teams)
  • project management, including meeting strict deadlines
  • creative and analytical thinking
  • effective self management and continuous improvement
  • adaptable and flexible work practices.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of recruiting research masters or PhD candidates you can contact our Career Development Manager, Karen Cavanaugh, on (02) 8627 8413 or .

International students

At the University of Sydney there are more than 10,000 talented international students studying across a range of disciplines. Many of our international students are pursuing a global career, and as such can bring an international perspective to an organisation as well as the skills gained from prior work experience.

Statistical information about enrolled international students is available from the University's Planning and Information Office.


The University of Sydney creates well-rounded and successful alumni demonstrating excellence in every field. For more information head to Alumni and Friends.

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