Hidden and published job markets

Each year on average only 20% of all jobs available are advertised (published). A successful job search includes a plan to approach not only the published, but also the unpublished job market.

The published job market

Job advertisements
All job ads sent to the University by employers are posted on Sydney CareerHub. These positions could be casual, part-time, vacation work, internships, full-time or graduate.

Jobs websites
For a selection of job vacancy databases which you can use to look for work Australia, visit our Australian job search websites page.

Check regional, national and local newspapers for job advertisements, including:

  • Sydney Morning Herald - My Career section (Wednesday & Saturday)
  • The Australian - Career One section
  • The Financial Review

Employment opportunities are often listed in relevant magazines and industry journals. It is a good idea to subscribe to reputable ones related to your degree.

Professional Association websites
Employment opportunities may also be listed on professional association websites. Please refer to the Directory of Australian Associations in the Careers Centre Library for a full listing of all professional associations across Australia.

The hidden job market

Finding work through job advertisements can be effective, but limited as many jobs are not advertised. Many people find out about job opportunities through other sources and recommendations. Learn how to network effectively by downloading the where to find jobs handout.