LinkedIn and the Job Search

LinkedIn is the number one professional social networking site in the world. Connect with past and present colleagues, industry groups, professionals in your field and search for a new job.

Setting up your profile

Your LinkedIn profile should read like your resume, but with more personality. Keep it short, concise and emphasise your skills and experience.

  • Include a picture: make sure it is bright, positive, and only of you. Your style of dress should reflect you as a professional.
  • Headline: showcase your skills in a succinct statement. Be creative and sell yourself.
  • Summary: should back up the headline. Talk about your experience and ambitions for the future. Do not list previous jobs – let your personality show.
  • Specialties: use searchable keywords.
  • Recommendations: Nothing has more impact than a personal recommendation. Make sure these are people who know you well personally and professionally.
  • Status: let your connections know what you are doing. Use search engine optimisation techniques to improve your profile visibility. This is a public space for personal branding.
  • Be sure to proof read.

Get the most out of LinkedIn

  • Join LinkedIn Groups related to your chosen profession or area. Groups are a great way to find interesting and relevant articles, industry news, network, and participate in discussions with others in the field.
  • When making connections, it’s quality not quantity that matters. Your connections should be people who can help you further your career development.
  • Company searches are a great tool when applying for positions. Research company profiles and information, it may help you in your job application or interview.