Careers Centre @ the University of Sydney

The Careers Centre is equipped to provide support, industry knowledge and career expertise to assist each faculty in delivering the best outcomes for their students.

The Careers Centre aims to:

  • Be a source of information, including all information about graduate destinations and outcomes
  • Provide students with an opportunity to apply their academic learning to real life situations
  • Ease faculty burdens by helping them meet faculty goals

Our key messages:

  • We provide a broad range of updated and current services to all students from their first year
  • We have expertise in helping students enhance their employability skills and realise their potential
  • We are a central point of contact for students and employers across all industries
  • We have services tailored to specific student needs and offer equitable access to resources to all students
  • We are here to assist researchers across all faculties

Services for staff and students

The services provided by the Careers Centre cater to build the employability of your students. In addition, the Careers Centre provides information and support for faculties to create innovative and effective career development services: