Investment Banking and Consultancy Careers Fair 2016

Meet with recruiters from some of the world's top organisations that offer investment banking and consultancy career opportunities, including internship and graduate positions.

Thursday 5 March, 5.30–7.30pm
Great Hall, The Quadrangle, Camperdown Campus

Investment banking and consultancy careers fair

Please note: University staff will be taking photos for promotional purposes during the event.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment Bankers assist clients to achieve their strategic and financial objectives by offering them a wide range of sophisticated financial services. These may include the raising of capital, delivering risk management solutions and offering mergers and acquisitions advice.

A career in investment banking offers global opportunities. Graduates will generally commence work as analysts, and will work with clients throughout the world, including governments, corporations and other financial institutions as well as professional investors (e.g. fund managers).

What is Consultancy?

Consultants address a wide range of challenges related to managing business operations in both the commercial and government sectors. They provide expertise in a range of services including: strategy and business case development; benefits tracking and process improvement; change management; technology consulting; HR; planning; surverying; engineering; scientific; business advisory and project responsible environmental practices.

Consultancy roles can be found within specialist consultancy firms or large organisations with a dedicated consulting practice.

Can I attend this Fair?

Students who are interested in working for an investment bank or consultancy firm are encouraged to attend this fair. It is open to students from all faculties in all stages of their degree.

What can I expect on the day?

Visit the stands of leading global and niche specialist consultancy and investment banking firms to discuss careers and key skills required.

How do I prepare?

Preparing yourself is the best way to help you stand out from the competition and impress employers. Read making the most of careers fairs and the how to prepare for the fair blog as an initial first step, and take advantage of the numerous services offered free of charge by the Careers Centre.

Many of these employers will also be conducting on-campus information sessions throughout the year. Make sure you monitor the Careers Centre events calendar for these opportunities.

2015 Organisations (updated throughout the year)


All eligible


Additional opportunities for Indigenous students

Only Australian citizens/permanent residents may apply


Additional opportunities for students with a disability


Australian citizens only

Organisation Disciplines Closing dates Eligibility
Logo: AT Kearney
Business, Engineering, Law, Arts, Science See website
All disciplines

Grad: 2 April 2015

Internships: 23 July 2015

Blackrock group
Finance, Commerce, Economics, Business See website
Logo: Citi
Finance, Law, Engineering, Mathematics See website

Commonwealth Bank

All disciplines See website
Australian citizens and permanent residents only
Deutsche Bank
Commerce, Economics, Law, Engineering See website
All students
Dixon Advisory Accounting, Finance, Commerce, Economics See website  
Flow traders
Business, Finance, Economics  See website All students

All disciplines Graduate roles: 8 March 2015
All students
Logo: Macquarie Group
Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Business, Commerce, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Human Resources, Law, Mathematics, Psychology, Statistics, Sciences and Technology See website
Logo: Morgan Stanley
Commerce, Finance

Grad: 16 April 2015

Internships: 23 July 2015

All disciplines

Grad: 12 March 2015

Internships: 22 April 2015

All students
Trading - Computer Science, Electrical/Mechanical/Mechatronic Engineering, Maths, Statistics, Physics, Actuarial Studies, Applied/Quantitative Finance, Econometrics IT - Computer Science, Computing, Information Technology, Software Engineering  See website
Port Jackson Partners All disciplines Grad: 11March 2015
All students
Accounting, Economics, Commerce, Law, Engineering, I.T, Actuarial  See website
  Strategy& (formely Booz & Company)
All disciplines

Grad: 12 March 2015

Internships: 14 April 2015

All disciplines Grad: 16 April 2015

Internships: 23 July 2015
Venture Consulting Commerce, Business, Law, Arts See Website
Vivienne Court
Business, Engineering and IT, Maths and Stats, Physics, Molecular Bioscience See Website All students
Westpac Group
All disciplines

Grad: 27 March 2015

Internships: 1 July 2015