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Events in February

Accenture Adventure

Accenture Adventure 2015

Accenture Adventure is a one-day event held in February in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, and Brisbane that will assess your ability to work within teams together with Accenture Managers and Senior Managers to overcome real business challenges. The day is concluded with an interview with Accenture Leadership for which successful participants will be offered a role within Accenture's 2016 Graduate Program.

Applications are now open, why not launch your career today?

For more information & to apply visit accenture.com/adventure

Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID)

If you've considered volunteering overseas, come along to an information session to learn about the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program – an Australian aid initiative.

Information Sessions are an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Australian Volunteers for International Development program. Panels of returned volunteers will be sharing their experiences and stories, and Scope Global staff will provide further information and advice about applying and what to expect if successful.

Date: Tuesday 24 February 2015
Where: Coles Theatre Powerhouse Museum 500 Harris Street, Ultimo
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Events in March

Flow Traders Presentation and Trading Challenge

´╗┐Founded in 2004, with 200 employees worldwide and offices in Amsterdam, Singapore, New York and Cluj, Flow Traders is a proprietary trading firm and one of the world’s largest liquidity providers in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s). If you're interesting in a career in trading, you can find Flow Traders at the Investment Banking and Consultancy Careers Fair and at the trading challenges in Sydney.

Date: March 6, 3-6pm and March 13, 4-7pm
Where: Vibe Hotel, Level 1, 111 Goulburn Street Sydney
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The 2015 MSL Society Asia-Pac Conference Hosted by Sanofi

The MSL Society Sydney 2015 Asia-Pac Conference will build on the tremendous success of our previous conferences in Philadelphia, Paris, and Boston. The Sydney conference will again focus on topics critical to the success of the Medical Science Liaison role.

Date: March 24-26 2015
Where: Sanofi Regional Headquarters
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Ongoing events

Ace Manager 2015

Ace Manager, the online business game designed by BNP Paribas experts for students around the world, is back with its new edition. The registration of Ace Manager 7 recently launched on 15 October 2014.

We warmly invite students from all over the word to experience the professional life of a banker and enrich your knowledge in finance and banking as well as marketing and management through an exciting and competitive game with intriguing scenarios, captivating characters, taking place in a virtual 3D universe.

1st session: Registration Period: 15 Oct. 2014 - 2 Apr. 2015
Competition Period: 10 Apr. 2015 - 27 Apr. 2015

2nd session: Registration Period: 2 Apr. 2015 - 22 May. 2015
Competition Period: 1 Jun. 2015 - 16 Jun. 2015

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Take the BAT - Bloomberg Aptitude Test

Bloomberg aptitude test

Date: Last Friday of every month
Venue: Bloomberg office. Level 27, 1 Blight St, Sydney
Time: 10am–12pm & 3–5pm

The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) is a 2 hour 100 multiple choice test that assesses knowledge relevant to business, finance, and logical thinking in 8 sections.

It allows you to assess the practical and relevant skills required in the corporate world today, and compare with peers around the world. More importantly, taking the test puts your score at the fingertips over hundreds of employers who use the TalentSearch database to seek potential interns and graduates. When an employer enters search criteria, the system ranks candidates based purely on their test score only. Factors such as name, gender, age and resumes are all withdrawn, and in doing so ensures absolute transparency and equality, allowing those with true talent to stand out based entirely on their merits.

By investing two hours, you pave the way for employers to knock on your door without ever writing another cover letter or spend hours at a networking session.

By investing two hours, at the very least, you see where you stand against the rest of like-minded peers.

Best of all, it is absolutely FREE. And if you are unsatisfied with your result - feel free to repeat the test once a month, for as much as you want to, all for free as well. To date, it has been taken by over 160,000 students across 60 countries in more than 3,500 universities. Join the race today.

More information at: www.taketheBAT.com
Register at: http://goo.gl/MOEjyN


Think Big @ USYD - Getting Dirty With Data

Big Data Competition

Heard of big data? Ever wondered what it means in real life? Ever wondered how a store knows what products to order and when? Do you think you could predict sales targets and win yourself an interview for an internship?

Woolworths have teamed up with the Business School to run a competition using real time data about sales of some of their most popular product lines. Enter as a syndicate and if you top the leader board at the end of five weeks you could win yourself a job interview with Woolworths!

Have a go and pitch yourself against other students. You do not need to be a data scientist or understand algorithms to compete!

Launch Date: 18 March 2015
Location: Chemistry Lecture Theatre 1