1. Can I substitute other Career Centre workshops for any of the Career Development Program workshops?

Yes, you can receive attendance credit for approved substitute workshops attended from Semester 1, 2014 onwards. Please refer to the list of substitute workshops in Table A for more information.

2. I have a very busy timetable this semester. What happens if I cannot attend the offered workshops in the Career Development Program during Semester 2, 2014?

The Careers Centre is aware of students’ study commitments and we endeavour to offer a number of sessions throughout each semester week. We offer lunchtime as well as evening sessions for students to choose from depending on their study schedule and commitments. Additional catch up sessions will be run later in Semester 2, 2014. Alternatively you can count attendance at workshops in Semester 1, 2015 towards the Program as long as you complete the program within the 12 months period.

3. Can I start the Career Development Program at any time during the semester?

Yes, you can start the program at any time. You must attend 7 Career Development Program workshops within 12 months from the first workshop attendance date. When all 7 Career Development Workshops are completed you can submit a request for an official Certificate of Attendance from the Career Centre.

4. Can I attend the Career Development Program workshops if I don’t intend to attend the full 7 workshops program?

Yes, International students are welcome to attend any of the Career Development Program workshops without committing to the completion of the Program.

5. I have attended a workshop in Semester 1 2014 however my attendance is not recorded on Sydney CareerHub. Can I still count the workshop towards the Career Development Program?

A workshop will only be credited towards the Program if your attendance was recorded by the scanning of your Student ID Card. In the past some workshops have not been scanned and therefore attendance cannot be back tracked or credited towards the Program. However, with the introduction of this Program, all workshops in the Program will be scanned and if you attend any substitution workshops, you can request that your student card be scanned to be counted towards the Program.

Career Centre workshops are regularly updated and address topics relevant to current Australian employment and job search trends including delivery via different professional career development staff, guest speakers and alumni.