Career Development for International Students

The Careers Centre invites international students to be part of our new Career Development Program aimed at assisting international students with their employability skills and with gaining a competitive edge in the Australian job search market.

The goal of the program is to enhance skills in key career development areas and will encompass information and knowledge of Australian workplace culture and Australian employers’ expectations. The program offers:

  • Career skills for international students
  • Official Letter of Attendance if you attend 7 Career Development Program workshops within 12 months
  • Opportunity to improve your employability skills and advance your job search competencies

Who is eligible to participate?

International students currently enrolled at Sydney University from all faculties, all degrees and all degree stages are eligible to participate in the Career Development Program. International students who begin the Program while enrolled can complete the program as a Graduate, given that they meet the program requirements.


  1. Upon successful completion, you will receive an official Letter of Attendance and can add the Career Development Program for International Students to your resume.
  2. Improve your employability skills and career planning competencies within 6 to 12 months.
  3. Gain a competitive edge within the Australian job search market.
  4. Increase your awareness of the skills and qualities valued by Australian employers
  5. Opportunity to boost your confidence through actively engaging in Program workshops

Program outline

1. Participants must attend 7 career workshops within 12 months from their first workshop attendance date:

  • International Students: Australian Resume Basics
  • International Students: Cover Letters & Selection Criteria
  • International Students: Job Search
  • International Students: Interview Skills
  • International Students: Professional Communication
  • International Students: Transition to the Australian Workplace
  • International Students: Career Planning

Please check back in February 2015 for Semester 1 workshop details

Approved Careers Centre workshops can be substituted for selected Career Development Program core workshops. For details on approved substitutions, see Table A (PDF)

Workshops attended in Semester 1 2014 can be credited towards the Career Development Program. Attendance must have been recorded via having your Student ID Card scanned at the event. Please note the 7 Career Development Program workshops must be attended within 12 months of the first workshop attendance date to receive the Letter of Attendance (e.g. If you attended an approved substitute workshop on 17 March 2014 and want it included in your Program attendance, you must attend all 7 Program workshops by 17 March 2015).

Workshops attended prior to Semester 1 2014 will not be included in the Program.

2. Attendance is recorded at each workshop. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Student ID card is scanned at each career skills workshop you wish to have credited towards the Program. If a Student ID card does not scan successfully, students are asked to sign an Attendance Sheet. Attendance data is uploaded to Sydney CareerHub within 5 working days of each workshop. Students can track their workshop attendance by logging into Sydney CareerHub and checking under ‘My Event Bookings’ for the status “attended” next to workshop names.

3. On completion of 7 approved workshops submit a request for a Letter of Attendance. To request a Letter of Attendance participants must nominate the 7 approved career development workshops that they have attended with a 12 month period.

4. Career Development Program workshops will be offered in each semester. Additional workshops and catch up sessions will be scheduled later in the semester for students wanting to fast track their completion of the program or catch up sessions missed earlier in semester.

Program FAQs