The Apollo Programme

The Apollo Fellowship Fund was established thanks to the generosity of Alumni of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the collaborating parties within The Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia (CCANESA). The purpose of the Apollo Fellowship is to encourage collaboration between international and local scholars in line with the research goals of the Centre and its partners. To achieve this goal a Visiting Fellowship was first offered in 2013 that allowed scholars to visit Sydney in order to undertake a period of concentrated research at CCANESA.

Funding for a Fellowship is allocated annually on a rotating basis to one of CCANESA’s constituent collaborating parties within the University of Sydney (these are the Department of Classics and Ancient History, The Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, The Department of Archaeology and the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation). Since the inception of the Apollo Programme, the initial donation made by the Faculty Alumni has been augmented annually through the Centre’s own fundraising efforts. The Visiting Fellowship Programme has been used to provide two separate biennial Fellowships: The first to young PhD or post-doctoral scholars and the second to more experienced researchers. While in Sydney the recipients are based in an office within the Centre’s library where they can work on their own research and consult with students, colleagues and experts in their particular fields.

2017 Fellowship Announcement

Thanks to the generosity of Alumni of the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, the Department of Classics and Ancient History invited applications for the Apollo Visiting Fellowship for 2017. The purpose of the Fellowship is to enable a young scholar to come to Sydney to consult with academic experts in their field, and to work on their research at the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia at the University of Sydney for a concentrated period.

Following the recent call, the Department of Classics and Ancient History received an unprecedented number of applications of an extremely high quality. After considerable deliberation the selection Committee chose to award two Apollo Fellowships for 2017. The two successful Fellowship recipients are Federico Favi, currently undertaking a PhD at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy and Dr Thomas Biggs, Assistant Professor of Classics from the Department of Classics at the University of Georgia, USA.

The second award was made possible with the support of the current Director of CCANESA, Professor Alison Betts, and the Department of Classics and Ancient History in recognition of the important contribution made by visiting fellows at CCANESA. We look forward to welcoming them both in 2017 and thank all of the applicants for their interest in the Apollo Programme.