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General enquiries
Please leave a message and we will respond as soon as possible.
Phone: 02 91140987 (Wed-Fri)

Current CCANESA Director
Professor Barbara Helwing
Edwin Cuthbert Hall Chair in Middle Eastern Archaeology,
Department of Archaeology
Phone: +61 2 9351 6790

AAIA Acting Director
Stavros Paspalas
Room 482
Phone: 90367156

AAIA Research Officer
Beatrice McLoughlin
Room 484
Phone: 93517659

AAIA Project Officer and Meditarch Production Manager
Camilla Norman
Room 481
Phone: 93518692

AAIA Finance Officer
Brett Myers
Room 481
Phone: 93514759

AAIA Librarian
Ana Silkatcheva
Room 481
Phone: 93514759

AAIA Emeritus Director
Alexander Cambitoglou
Room 483
Phone: 93514759

Classics and Ancient History Research Administrators
Billy Kennedy (Wed-Thu)

Bernadette McCall (Fri)

Room 487
Phone: 91140987

NEAF Administrative Officer
Karen Hendrix
Room 485a
Phone: 93514151
Fax: 91140921

Research Offices

Elodie Paillard, Post-doctoral researcher
Co-investigator ARC Theatre and autocracy in Ancient Greece project
Room 489a
Phone: 91140927

Paphos Theatre project
Room 490b
Phone: 91140928

Frances Muecke, Classics and Ancient History
Room 492

Pannonia Project
Room 492
Phone: 91140935

Central Asian Project
Room 490
Phone: 91140931

Zagora Archaeological Project
Room 491
Phone: 91140933

Greek Theatre Project Office
2017 ARC Project: Theatre and autocracy in Ancient Greece
Room 493a
Phone: 9114 0922

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