Seminar Programs in Semester Two 2015


Seminars are held on Tuesdays, 3.00-4.30, in the Boardroom of the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia located on level four of the Madsen Building (on Eastern Avenue opposite the Carslaw Building). CCANESA is at the top of the stairs located directly in front of you when you enter the Madsen Building (i.e. one floor above the level of the main entrance to the building).

Tuesday 28 July
Prof. David Frankel (Latrobe) - Household archaeology at Marki Alonia

Tuesday 18 August
Prof. John Oakley, AAIA Visiting Professor (William and Mary) - Changing Personalities – What New Attributions Can Tell Us

Tuesday 1 September
Honours students
Jesse Clarke: Haruspicy in Etruria: The transmission of liver divination across the ancient Mediterranean
Prue Newton: Lefkandi - a comparative analysis of the Skoubris, Palaia Perivolia and Toumba cemetery burials

Tuesday 13 October
Kristen Mann - Lives in Ruins: the material footprint of daily life and social organisation at Zagora on Andros

Tuesday 20 October
Ivana Vetta - Slags and Ores: Preliminary analysis of the Zagora slags

Tuesday 27 October
Steve Vasilakis - The Maritime Cultural Landscape of Prehistoric Chios

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Papers are held in the Conference Room of the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia, in the Madsen Building on Eastern Avenue (at the City Road end), in the University’s Camperdown Campus
Please note the date and day of the week as seminars are held on Mondays at 12.15 or Thursdays at 4.15 throughout the semester unless otherwise stated.

Papers are followed by light refreshments. All are welcome.

Thursday 6th August, 4.15pm
Frances Muecke, University of Sydney –'Biondo and the Roman elections'

Thursday 13th August
Professor David Levene, New York University – to be advised

Thursday 20th August
Dr Sarah Lawrence, University of Armidale – 'Don't do what I say: The Lessons of Negative exempla'

Thursday 27th August
Professor Irad Malkin, Cummings Chair for Mediterranean History and Culture, Tel Aviv University (Professor Malkin is the guest of The Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University) - ‘Greek colonization: The Right to Return’

Monday 31st August
A/Professor Dexter Hoyos, University of Sydney – ‘The sarcophagal exploits of Scipio Barbatus, cos. 298 BC’

Monday 7th September
Byron Waldron, University of Sydney - to be advised

Thursday 17th September
Rev. Dr Geoff Dunn, Australian Catholic University – to be advised

Friday 25th September, 4.00 - 6.00pm
Professor Rush Rehm, Professor, Theater and Performance Studies, and Classics Artistic Director, Stanford Repertory Theater - 'Comparative Clytemnestras'
Several years ago Stanford Repertory Theatre mounted the Electra Festival out of which grew 'Comparative Clytemnestras', an 80-minute lecture-performance. The program focuses on Clytemnestra, with speeches from Aeschylus' Agamemnon, Choephori, Eumenides, Sophocles' and Euripides' Electra, and Euripides' Iphigenia in Aulis.

Thursday 8th October
Dr Clemens Koehn, University of Armidale – 'Shooting like the Ancient Romans: Reconstructing and Testing a Roman Torsion Catapult'

Monday 12th October
Dr Ben Brown, University of Sydney – 'Independent Living': the meaning of autonomy in Thucydides

Monday 19th October
Professor Alastair Blanshard, University of Queensland - ‘Some thoughts on a history of body hair’

Thursday 22nd October
Dr Pat Watson, University of Sydney – 'Characterisation, stereotyping and individuality in Martial'

Thursday 29th October
Dr Tom Stevenson, University of Queensland - ‘Reception in Novels’

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Welcome to a new edition of the Near Eastern Seminar Series for Semester 2, 2015. Seminars are held on Mondays at 3:15pm in the Boardroom of the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia located on Level Four of the Madsen Building on Eastern Avenue in the University of Sydney's Camperdown Campus.

All are welcome.

The first seminar for Semester 2 will be Monday 17 August:

James Fraser - "The Kashmir Prehistory Project: A Video Presentation"

The full Semester 2 programme will be added soon

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Seminar Programs in Semester One 2015

Classics and Ancient History
Thursday 5th March, 4:15pm - Paul Roche (University of Sydney): Lucan's Supernatural

Thursday 12th March, 4:15pm - Rachael White (University of Oxford): Classics and the political culture of New South Wales in the 19th century

Thursday 19th March, 4:15pm - Thomas Wilson (University of Sydney): Kritias, cultural conflict, and dramatic reception in fifth-century Athens

Thursday 16th April, 4:15pm - Stephen Lake (University of Sydney): A Failed Cultural Transfer: Aspects of the Roman non-appropriation of Greek medicine in the early Christian West

Thursday 30th April, 4:15pm - Peter Wilson (University of Sydney): Dancing for free: Pindar's Kastor-song for Hieron

Thursday 7th May, 4:15pm - David Rafferty (University of Melbourne): habere provinciam: Sortition and provincial assignment in the late Republic

Thursday 14th May, 4:15pm - Tatiana Bur (University of Sydney): Ancient automata and sensory experience

Thursday 21st May, 4:15pm - Ben Ferris (University of Sydney): Jean Cocteau's Orpheus: the cinematic poet?

Thursday 28th May, 4:15pm - Kai Brodersen (University of Erfut): The Power of Gemstones: Anxieties in the Ancient World

Thursday 4th June, 4:15pm - Sheira Cohen (University of Sydney): Space, directionality and movement in Middle Republican Latin

Download a copy of the programme here

A listing of the the seminar schedule for Classics and Ancient History from Semester 2 2014 can be found here

Near Eastern Archaeology

Monday 30th March - No NESS

Monday 6th April - Easter Monday

Monday 13th April - Professor Alison Betts (University of Sydney): Finding Zoroaster: new perspectives on a great world religion.

Monday 20th April - Dr Matt Jones (University of Nottingham): 20,000 years of impacts, adaptation and vulnerability: case studies from the Near East.

Monday 27th April - Ana Silkatcheva (University of Sydney): TBA

Monday 4th May - Dr Bernadette Drabsch (University of Newcastle): The Ghassulian Wall Art: When, Why and to Whom.

Monday 11th May - Dr Ron Tappy (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary): The Linear Alphabet and the Longue Durée.

Monday 18th May - No NESS

Monday 25th May - Jamie Fraser (University of Sydney):Dolmens in the Levant

Download a copy of the Semester 1 programme here

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Classical Archaeology

Tuesday 10 March - Richard Green: Tragoidia/Goat-Song and the Naming of Tragedy

Tuesday 24 March - Hugh Thomas: Droning On: UAV photography and 3D modelling at Zagora, Methone and the Agora

Tuesday 14 April - Janice Crowley: The Eye, the Mind and the Hand: Seals, Signets and the Artistic Vision of the Minoans

Tuesday 28 April - Beatrice Mcloughlin: The technological and visual characterization of thin-walled coarse wares from Zagora: potters, specialization and community needs on Andros in the eighth century B.C.

Tuesday 5 May - Alba Mazza: Coastal landscape archaeology in Sicily: A new approach for study coastal cities and their palaeolandscapes

Tuesday 19 May - Brett Myers: Lucanian Fortified Centres - methodology, survey and some preliminary results

Tuesday 2 June - Tyler Jo Smith (University of Virginia): Questions and Answers: Athenian Black-Figure Pottery from Berezan in the State Hermitage Museum

Download a copy of the Semester 1 programme here

A listing of the seminar schedule for Classical Archaeology from Semester 2 2014 can be found here