Seminar programs for Semester 1, 2015 will be announced before the semester commences

Seminar Programs in Semester Two 2014


Welcome to the new series of research seminars presented by the Department of Classics and Ancient History for Semester 2, 2014.

Papers are held in the Conference Room of the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia, in the Madsen Building on Eastern Ave (at the City Road end), in the University’s Camperdown Campus
Papers are followed by light refreshments.
All are welcome.

Monday 18th August, 12.15 pm
Michael Hanaghan (University of Sydney)
Avitus’ ira and Achilles' wrath in Sidonius’ Carm. VII. 246-290

Monday 1st September, 12.15 pm
Bob Cowan (University of Sydney)
The story of rus: the second- and third-person narratologies of Virgil's Georgics

Thursday 11th September, 4.15pm
Greta Hawes (Australian National University)
Pausanias and the staged city of Thebes

Thursday 18th September, 4.15pm
(please note that this seminar will be held in the Kevin Lee Room)
Julia Kindt (University of Sydney)
Ancient Greek Personal Religion: A Productive Category for the study of Ancient Greek Religion?

Monday 22nd September, 12.15pm
Daniel Irwin (University of Sydney)
Livy and Augustus: Translating Greek Historiography in the Age of Augustus

Thursday 16th October, 4.15pm
Paul James (University of Sydney)
Feeding the City of Rome in the Late Empire

Thursday 23rd October, 4.15pm
Lee Coulson (University of Sydney)
Plato and the εὐηθέστεροι: simplicity, virtue and wisdom

Thursday 30th October, 4.15pm
David Phillips (Macquarie University)
Political Enmity at Athens: Alkibiades vs. Hyperbolos and Androkles (Thuc. 8.65.2; 73.3)

Download a copy of the program here

Ben Brown

A full listing of the seminar schedule for Classics and Ancient History from Semester 1 can be downloaded here


Welcome to the new series of Near Eastern seminars being presented in Semester 2, 2014. Seminars are held on Mondays at 3.15 pm in the CCANESA Board Room (Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia), Level 4, Madsen Building unless listed otherwise.

Monday 4th August: Dr Juan Manuel Tebes (Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina)
“Iconographies of Power in the Pottery and Rock-Art of Late Bronze/Iron Age Southern Levant and Northwestern Arabia.”

Monday 11th August: No NESS

Monday 18th August: Frederick Hardtke (Macquarie University)
“Pots, Palettes and Rock Art: A Sample of Upper Egyptian Petroglyph Iconography and Relations to Depictions on Other Material Culture.”

Monday 25th August: Feras Edwan (University of Sydney)
“Tourist Typology at Religious Heritage Sites.”

Monday 1st September: No NESS

Monday 8th September: Dr Hanan Charaf (Université Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne)
“Interconnections between Lebanon and Cyprus during the Middle and Late Bronze Age: New Perspectives from the Sites of Tell Arqa and Sidon.”

Monday 15th September: Dr Ross Burns

Monday 22nd September: * Honours Seminars *
Harrison Perdicaris
“Determining the Purpose of the Rooms Identified as ‘Bathrooms’ of Neo-Assyrian Palace Complexes: Domestic Bathrooms or Rooms with a Predominant Ritual/Ceremonial Purpose?”

Rebecca Morris
“Pastoralism in the Tien-Shan: Tracing East-West Interaction during the Central Asian Bronze Age.”

Monday 29th September: Semester Break

Monday 6th October: Labour Day public holiday - No NESS

Monday 13th October: No NESS

Monday 20th October: * ASOR SHOWCASE *

Monday 27th October: Dr Janine Major (La Trobe University)

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For enquiries about the seminar series and to be placed on the NESS mailing list, email Ana Becerra:

A listing of the seminar schedule for Near Eastern Archaeology from Semester 1 can also be downloaded here


The programme for this semester’s seminars in Classical Archaeology is listed below. Seminars will be held on Tuesdays, 3.00-4.30, in the Boardroom of the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia. It is located on level four of the Madsen Building (on Eastern Avenue opposite the Carslaw Building). CCANESA is at the top of the stairs located directly in front of you when you enter the Madsen Building (i.e. one floor above the level of the main entrance to the building).

Tuesday July 29
Jennifer Wright - “Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any wool...” Sheep fibres, spindle whorls and loom weights

Tuesday August 19
Robyn Veal (Cambridge) - From Pompeii to Rome: natural resources and the Roman economy in Campania and Lazio

Tuesday August 26 - Honours students

Francesca Bonfante: Taking the Bull by the Horns: a study into the
representation and significance of the bull in Minoan Crete

Kate McAllan: Diacritical Stinking: Greek Perfume Vessels at
Gordion and Sardis, c. 750–330 BC

Stephanie Snedden: Cross-cultural relations of Lycia

Tuesday September 2
Irene Lemos (Oxford) - Euboeans at home and abroad

September 9 - Honours students

Ingrid Cook: Sacrificial Faunal Remains in Greece: An Analysis of religious practices throughout Greece from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period

Gabrielle Harrington: The villa in the Roman Empire: Globalisation and Elite Identities

Tuesday September 23
Diana Wood-Conroy (Wollongong) - Research on ancient weaving

Tuesday October 28
Craig Barker - Recent research at the theatre precinct of Nea Paphos by the University of Sydney excavations

Enquiries: Ted Robinson (, 9351 3072)

Download a copy of the programme here.

A full listing of the seminar schedule for Classical Archaeology from Semester 1 can be downloaded here

Enquiries: Ted Robinson