Seminar Programs in Semester One 2014


Welcome to a new semester of the Sydney Classics and Ancient History seminar series, held in the conference room of CCANESA, Level 4 of the Madsen Building (on Eastern Ave opposite the Carslaw Building). CCANESA is at the top of the stairs, located directly in front of you when you enter the Madsen Building (i.e. one floor above the level of the main entrance to the building).

Papers are followed by light refreshments.
All are welcome.

Thursday 6 March, 4.15 pm *
Yahei Kanayama (Nagoya University)
Socrates’ Last Words
* co-hosted with the Department of Philosophy

Monday 10th March, 12.15 pm
Arlene Holmes-Henderson (University of Glasgow)
The study of Classics in UK schools and universities - boom or bust?

Thursday 20 March, 4.15 pm
Kathryn Welch (University of Sydney)
History Wars: who avenged Caesar and why does it matter?

Thursday 27 March, 4.15 pm
Mary Jane Cuyler (University of Sydney)
Social, Political and Archaeological Landscapes of Roman Ostia in the 1st c. BC and the 21st c. AD

Thursday 10 April, 4.15 pm
Andrew Merrills (University of Leicester)
Roman Nile-ism: Authority and Geography in the Late Republic and Early Empire


Thursday 1 May, 4.15 pm
Maria Wyke (University College, London)
Ancient Rome in Silent Cinema

Thursday 8 May, 12.15 pm
Richard Miles (University of Sydney)
Cosmopolitanism and the cult of saints in late antique North Africa

Monday 12 May, 12.15 pm
Alison Wylie (University of Washington, Seattle)

Thursday 22 May, 4.15 pm
Frances Muecke (University of Sydney)
‘Biondo Flavio goes out to dinner’: antiquarian conversation in elite circles in Renaissance Italy

Thursday 5 June, 4.15 pm
Naomi Weiss (University of California, Berkeley)
Music and the Musical Imaginary in Later Euripidean Tragedy: Performing the Hymenaios in Iphigenia in Aulis

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Ben Brown


Seminars are held on Mondays at 3.15 pm in the CCANESA Board Room (Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia), Level 4, Madsen Building unless listed otherwise.

Monday 10 March: Dr Jennifer Cromwell (Macquarie University)
“Getting wine to the monastery: The archaeological and textual evidence from Wadi Sarga.”

Monday 17 March: Professor Carol Meyers (Duke University)
“Archaeology and the Hidden Religious Culture of
Israelite Women.”

Monday 24 March: Dr Erica Hunter (SOAS)(Macquarie University)
“The Christian Library from Turfan: New Discoveries and
New Dimensions.”

Monday 31 March: No NESS

Monday 7 April: Dr Orit Shamir (Israel Antiquities Authority)
“Qumran Textiles and the Garments of Qumran’s Inhabitants Compared to the Jewish Society Around Them: The Roman Period.”

Monday 14 April: Jamie Fraser (University of Sydney)
“Tales from Kabul: The Archaeology in and of the
National Museum of Afghanistan.”

Monday 21 April: Easter Break - No NESS

Monday 28 April: Dr Bernadette McCall (University of Sydney)
“Recent Fieldwork in the Gulf.”

Monday 30th September: No NESS – Semester Break

Please note a change in schedule for the following weeks

Monday 5 May: Professor Steven A. Rosen (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
"Revolution in in the Desert: The Rise of Desert Pastoralism and Cult in the Negev"

Monday 12 May: * ICAANE SHOWCASE * papers.

Ana Becerra (University of Sydney)
“The Buried Griffins of Persepolis: Eagle-Headed Griffins
and the Elite in Elam and Persia.”

Yasmina Wicks (University of Sydney)
“The Journey of a Visual Idea: Bronze ‘Bathtub’ Coffins in Elite Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian and Neo-Elamite Funerary Contexts.”

Professor Alison Betts (University of Sydney)
“Beyond the Walls: Social, Economic and Strategic
Aspects of Kite Use.

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The programme for this semester’s seminars in Classical Archaeology is listed below. Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 3.00 pm in the CCANESA Board Room (Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia), Level 4, Madsen Building unless listed otherwise.

March 11 Michael Hoff (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Athens Under Roman Domination

April 1 Alba Mazza
Maritime and coastal archaeology in Sicily-Italy: understanding the sea-man relationship through the study of the ancient maritime landscape

April 15 Nicola Harrington
Children, choes and the Anthesteria Festival

April 29 Meg Dains
Emporio in Chios: the religious landscape of an Early Iron Age Aegean settlement

May 6 Michael Turner
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: the method and the madness

May 20 Lesley Beaumont
Networks of Meaning: object stories and Greek cultural practices across the millennia. Musings on past, present and archaeology at Kato Phana on Chios

June 3 Duncan Keenan-Jones (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Reading geoarchaeological records of flow in ancient Rome

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Enquiries: Ted Robinson