The CCANESA reading room

The CCANESA reading room

LIBRARY HOLDINGS: The CCANESA library is located within the Centre on Level 4 of the Madsen Building. The Library houses three major collections maintained by the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens (AAIA), Classics and Ancient History (C&AH) and the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation (NEAF). The holdings include over 10,000 books covering classical literature (Greek and Latin), and works on Classical, Near Eastern and Egyptian archaeology and history.

LIBRARY ACCESS: To gain Reader access to the library, you will need to apply using the Reader Access form. Applications for Reader Access to the CCANESA Library are invited from bona fide researchers. Please download and fill in the application form, and return to CCANESA either in person or by email to

Reader access does not automatically mean swipe card access to the Centre. All new Honours students are able to use the library as Readers unless they have qualified for swipe card access only after a satisfactory period of volunteering. Post-graduate students, staff, and approved research fellows may be granted business hours access if appropriate. However, staff directions must be followed at all times in regards to this access regardless of status.

OPENING HOURS: The Library is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday for students and other casual readers. The Library has a non-borrowing policy. Publications may not be removed from the library reading room.


Some of CCANESA's extensive library collection

SEARCH THE COLLECTIONS: Each collection is managed using an individual Endnote catalogue that can be accessed at CCANESA using the Library computer. There is also a CCANESA Combined Collections Endnote catalogue if you wish to search across all of our subject areas. Online access to the individual and combined catalogues is available using the web-based version of Endnote.

In order to access the online combined CCANESA catalogue that contains AAIA, C&AH and NEAF holdings you will first need to set-up a free account. Once this is done email CCANESA and we can share you in to our online catalogue using the email address you used for Endnote.

For direct access to the AAIA catalogue online click on this link to the AAIA Library website. The AAIA site also provides a useful guide on how to use Endnote online and how to set up your own Endnote user account.

If you would like to search only the C&AH Endnote catalogue online, please email to have your Endnote user email added to our shared access group.

The NEAF catalogue is available using the CCANESA Combined Collections catalogue.

Our online catalogues are updated periodically as we continue to expand and re-organise the holdings but the most recent versions of each catalogue can be accessed if you visit the Library. If you cannot find a publication, and wish to know if we have it, please contact us.

As an alternative if you have Endnote set up on your own computer the CCANESA Combined Collections can be downloaded for offline use from Google Docs using this link. You will need to download the file first and extract the Endnote catalogue file and associated data folder from the .zip file first before it will open properly.

OTHER RESOURCES: CCANESA users can also access the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) online database in the CCANESA Library or on the University of Sydney campus. CCANESA holds an institutional site license but please be aware that restrictions apply on the use of TLG materials. If you have any queries about using TLG please see the Classics Research Administrators in Room 487 by appointment, or email the CCANESA general account to find out how to access the full contents of TLG.

LOCKERS: For the convenience of regular readers lockers can be hired. Please consult a CCANESA staff member regarding availability. Volunteers at CCANESA may also be eligible for a locker depending on availability.

ENQUIRIES: For all other enquiries related to CCANESA please email our general enquiries address .

Looking to Volunteer?


Jeremy Carr, former CCANESA volunteer

CCANESA welcomes any student or researcher wishing to volunteer at the library. Duties may involve assisting in reception, providing library access and helping us manage the combined collections and other archived materials. If you have particular research interests in Archaeology or the Classics we can try to tailor volunteer projects to suit, and will provide training in any new skills as needed.

Our volunteers will have access to the largest dedicated Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology collection in the University and our extended research community. Volunteers may also be eligible for swipe card access on days when the Library is usually closed to other Readers and can apply for locker space.

For more information, please email us at