The CCANESA reading room

The CCANESA reading room

The CCANESA library is located within the Centre on Level 4 of the Madsen Building. The library consists of the combined collections of the Department of Classics and Ancient History, the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens and the Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation. Library holdings include classical literature (Greek and Latin), and works on Classical, Near Eastern and Egyptian archaeology and history. The in-progress catalogue is available for users of the Centre.

Currently, the library catalogue is divided into three parts, as cataloguing and amalgamation of the libraries of the CCANESA constituents is in process. The library collections are catalogued using Endnote.

The Classics and Ancient History catalogue can be accessed online via myendnoteweb. If you would like to search the online catalogue, please email or to request access. We will then invite you to join the CCANESA Classics and Ancient History library group. Please note that in order to access the online catalogue you will need to set-up a free myendnoteweb account.

CCANESA users can also access the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG) online database in the Library via an institutional use license. If you have any queries about using TLG please see Bernadette McCall in the CCANESA (C&AH) office on Wednesdays to Fridays or

Please also be aware that restrictions on the use of TLG materials apply and you should consult the library staff.

Details on how to access the AAIA catalogue online can be found by following this link to the AAIA Library website.

The NEAF catalogue can also be viewed online through myendnoteweb. If you would like to request access to the catalogue please to CCANESA.

The catalogues available on-line are updated periodically. If you cannot find a publication, and wish to know if we have it, please contact us.

LIBRARY ACCESS: To gain access to the library, you will need to apply for Reader Access. Applications for Reader Access for the CCANESA Library are invited from bona fide researchers. Please download and fill in the application form, and return to Bernadette McCall at CCANESA.
Download the application form, rules and procedures (100KB PDF).

OPENING HOURS: The Library is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm Wednesday to Friday. The Library has a non-borrowing policy. Publications may not be removed from the library reading room.

LOCKERS: For the convenience of regular readers lockers can be hired. Please consult a CCANESA staff member regarding availability.

ENQUIRIES: For all other enquiries related to CCANESA please email our general enquiries address or contact directly.


Some of CCANESA's extensive library collection