Chancellor's Message

Image of Belinda Hutchinson AM

Belinda Hutchinson AM

The Chancellor's Committee, established in 1977 by my esteemed predecessor Sir Hermann Black, continues to develop and flourish.

Indeed, the Committee's contribution to the University is considerable, always seeking to maintain and improve our unique environment and the opportunities available to our students. Many volunteer members give generously of their precious time to activities dedicated to the continuing high standards of the University, including the annual Book Fair and the University Gift Shop located underneath the University Clock Tower.

All of the money raised by the Committee is spent directly on its scholarships and grants programs. This includes the Compass and E12 programs run by the Social Inclusion Unit.

Additionally, Committee funds are allocated to the conservation of archival research material, the fabric of our heritage buildings, University museums and art collections. These are most valuable and generous initiatives.

I would like to express my great appreciation to the Chancellor's Committee for the benefits which it brings to the University and to the wider community.

Belinda Hutchinson AM