The Chancellor’s Committee (CC) was set up in 1977 by the then Chancellor, the late Sir Hermann Black as a means for volunteers to raise funds to carry out projects of University-wide significance. Subsequent Chancellors have accepted the role of Patron and continue to adhere to Sir Hermann’s forward-looking mission.

Sir Hermann’s vision was to provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in fund raising activities that contribute to maintaining the high standards of the University and for which funds may not be available from traditional and mainstream sources.

Sir Herman’s wife Lady Black was involved from its inception. Until her withdrawal from public life she contributed consistently initiating the Book Fest and the Antique Fair.

Over three decades our members have continued to undertake many fund-raising activities most notable of these are the University Gift Shop, the annual Book Fest and the annual Antique Fair (both held in the University Great Hall). The recent Medieval Christmas Banquet (held in December 2007) was another successful fund-raising occasion achieved through the support of the then Vice Chancellor, alumni, and other generous donors.

The CC has a database of potential assistants and donors who may support members in working for similar projects.