Antique Fair

Instigated by Lady Joyce Black in 1996 the Antique Fair has been a University annual highlight for some 14 years. Held in the University Great Hall between June and August, it draws from a range of Sydney antique dealers who provide the a wide variety of quality antique wares.

These include paintings, silver, jewellery, furnishings, quilts, antiquities, books, maps, some clothing and some garden items including antique statues. Throughout the day visitors to the Fair are treated to a range of guest lecturers who are expert in their fields.

Topics are diverse and in past years have included: How to Identify Old Silver, Blue and White Porcelain, Antique Jewellery, Old Quilts, Antique Japanese Artifacts and many more. Chancellor Committee volunteer staff serve light refreshments maintaining a supply of delicious morning/afternoon teas and light snacks with tea, coffee and soft drinks. Average cost is $10-15.

Guests can wander the Great Hall enjoying the delights of the antiques to a background of music played on the Great Hall organ by University Organ Player Amy Johansen and Sydney City Organ Player Robert Ampt. Or you can sit and socialise or just relax in the Quadrangle and enjoy a recital from the University Carillonist.

You can also visit the University Art Gallery, Nicholson Museum and McLeay Museum all of which are within easy walking distance of the Great Hall. Opening hours are from 12-4pm.

An entry fee of $10.00 is usually charges