Playing an active part

Apart from voluntary work in the Chancellor's Committee main fundraising areas (Shop, Bookfest, Antique Fair), members may contribute a wide range of talents, skills and experience. In joining the Chancellor's Committee you will have the opportunity to participate in, or to initiate interesting, rewarding and fulfilling activities.

You will be collaborating with people of like mind and commitment, sharing similar interests, passions and ideals as your own.

Skills and Talents Needed

  • Fund raising
  • Organising
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Financial management
  • Events management
  • Knowledge and/or love of books (Annual Bookfest)
  • Knowledge and/or love of antiques (Antique Fair)
  • Sales and retail management and development (Clock Tower Gift Shop)
  • Providing support when needed for major events

The key role you play as a member of the Chancellor's Committee is to be ready to contribute in some tangible way to fulfilling the Chancellor's Committee objectives. The rewards are many including satisfaction, enjoyment, work/social interaction with others who share your interests and ideals. And for alumni and ex staff members, it is a reason to return to the University which may have played an important part in your life's direction.