University Arts

Over the past thirty years there have been grants for Carillon scholarships ($2,000), to University of Sydney Graduate Choir ($9,000 over 3 years), to the University of Sydney Symphony Orchestra ($10,000) to the China Education Centre Exhibition ($500), and many more.

Beautifying the University

Funding has been allocated particularly to projects that enhance the aesthetics of the University's visible environment for the enjoyment of all. Such projects have included the restoration of the Gobelin Tapestry in the Great Hall ($9,878), lighting and cases for Museum exhibition spaces ($12,000); a replacement stone lion on the Quadrangle gable in front of the Clock Tower ($15,000).

Preserving Artefacts and Research Material

Awards have been made for the restoration and preservation of anthropologist Professor Elkin's recordings of Aboriginal languages; the Cazneaux photographs; ($4,000); the Edgeworth David Geological Plaques (in place at various sites in the Blue Mountains)


Numerous awards to the University's principal museums have been made, such as:

  • to the Macleay Museum for Aboriginal Art and Artefacts, a historic photographs publication, and for the preservation of the University Medal collection;
  • to the Nicholson Museum for exhibition spaces including lighting and cases and for a 'Treasures' publication; and
  • to upgrade the Medical History and Pathology Museum