Scholarships & grants

The committee provides funding for scholarships for disadvantaged and Indigenous students, which are allocated through the University’s Scholarships Office.

Members of the University, Faculties and other units may apply for funding for projects of University-wide significance by completing the Grant Application Form. The can advise on any other requirements.

Closing dates 2018

Applications are considered four times a year. This year's closing dates are:

  • Tuesday 12 March
  • Wednesday 12 June
  • Thursday 12 September
  • Monday 16 December

Recent grants


Faculty of Engineering student racing car project, funded in November 2015

  • University Library - $15,000 for conservation of rare books in partnership with the Friends of the Library
  • School of Education & Social Work - $15,000 to assist with the production of an exhibition and catalogue “Learning from Country”
  • Haswell Museum - $13,660 for the fourth and final stage of a major project to conserve and catalog the collections
  • University Archives - $67,800 to assist with a project to index and digitise Aboriginal photographs in the A P Elkin collection
  • South Asia Study Group - $5,000 to support a film and discussion program
  • Department of Archaeology - $11,397 to support a pilot project to digitise artefacts in the Nicholson Museum used for teaching purposes

Contact the Chancellor's Committee for a full list of grants awarded.