What we fund

There are two broad categories of funding:

Scholarships and Grants

Grants are varied and directed towards projects that are worthwhile, but towards which the University would have difficulty in allocating funds from traditional and mainstream sources.

Exchange Scholarships

(On average five are awarded yearly with a current value of $3000 each)

  • University of Sydney Koori Centre awards. Since 1998 the Committee has provided bursaries for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. At present 18 such students are benefiting from this program each year. ($54,000)
  • A three-year postgraduate research scholarship ($23,000 pa)
  • The Chancellor's Committee has also established a scholarship in the humanities in perpetuity (The Kath O'Neil Scholarship) which pays an annuity of approximately $2000 pa

Other support for students has included, for example: assistance to hearing-impaired students; uniforms for a debating team for an Asian trip; and the like.