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 Project Reference Description
Meltable Discrete Element Method (Meltable-DEM) 14493 The first simulation tool to study melting, solidification and bonding of particles.
Monolithic Silicon based all-optical waveform analyser with terahertz bandwidth 13920 The invention enables the spectral power within a narrow band of a broad spectrum of supercontinuum radiation to be significantly enhanced with simple components such as a long period grating in an optical fibre.
Energy-conscious Scheduling of Parallel Applications Utilising Dynamic Voltage Scaling 12111 A parallel program to run on heterogeneous multiprocessor platforms with the objective to minimize both total execution time and energy consumption.
Code Division Multiplexed Impedance Tomography 12694 The invention applies the techniques of code division multiplexing used in mobile telecommunications and global positioning systems to allow simultaneous impedance spectrum measurements on multiple channels.
Document Meaning Comparator 10811 Software that can match multiple text based documents, based on comparing their meaning intentions rather than common words and/or the same strings of text.
Distributed Turbo Coding and Cooperative Transmission Scheme for Wireless Networks 11011 A generalised distributed turbo coding (DTC) scheme for a general relay network with an arbitrary number of relays.