Stabilised Poled Waveguide

Ref: 11884
Poling creates a useful non-linearity in glasses; however its lifetime or stability is an issue. This invention provides a means of stabilising the induced non-linearity and substantially extending the lifetime.

Key advantages

  • Greater stability/lifetime of the poling-induced non-linearity
  • Very low cost


Poling is a process whereby an intense electric field is applied, along with heat, to a material to modify its properties. The heat makes charges mobile and the field causes them to move in a certain direction. Removing the heat freezes in a “space charge field”. This creates a useful non-linearity in glasses. There are two problems with practical use. The magnitude is rather small for many, but not all, applications. And the lifetime or stability is an issue because of a tendency for the charges to migrate back, even at room temperature.

The invention

This invention creates barriers to the return migration of the charges thus stabilising the internal space charge field and hence the non-linearity. Devices using this invention can have a substantially longer lifetime.


  • Poled fibre
  • Low cost electro-optic modulator or switch
  • Voltage sensor
  • A cheap replacement of expensive non-linear crystals

Principal inventors

Danny Wong, Wei Xu, Tom Ryan, Paul Blazkiewicz