Easily Cleaned Rainwater Guttering

Ref: 8679
The guttering is profiled to allow full width access for a broom without obstruction from fixings or fittings.

Key advantages
  • Designed to be easily cleared of leaves and litter.
  • Easy substitute for conventional guttering
  • Saves time in bush-fire situations.


Rainwater guttering, particularly for houses in bush settings, accumulates leaves and debris that needs to be cleared quickly in bush fire situations to minimise ignition risk. Current models are too narrow and obstructed by fixings to allow guttering to be cleared in a hurry.

The invention

Re-profiling the gutter's section allows for easy and speedy access with a standard broom from above, or a cranked rake from below.

Easily cleaned rainwater guttering

Easily cleaned rainwater guttering


Domestic and commercial rainwater guttering.

Principal inventors